E.V.E. – Equations Vanquish Equality

E.V.E. is a melodic/prog rock band from Greece. This is their debut EP and according to the band, the concept behind it is the world we currently live in, everyday human situations and interactions, “disease” and the kind of corruption that comes from within. The group was formed by singer Vicky Psarakis who is the composer and lyric writer for the group.  The EP was recorded with a different lineup to their current linuep as it was initially conceived as a porject rather than a full blown band, so Antonis Kontozoglou, Elias Nousis and George Kollias were involved in recording this EP but are no longer part of E.V.E.

Brief comments on the tracks..

“Poetic injustice” starts with a spoken word section with some gentle violins in the background.  Then the electric guitars kick in gently while the spoken part continues.  It’s not till around two thirds of the way through that Vicky switches from speaking to singing.  It’s a lovely track – something quite different from a typical song yet it focusses the attention on the lyrics and works very well.

“Perpetual dreamers” is a more conventional song with no speaking parts. The song is quite a gentle melodic track with a saxophone adding extra interest to the sound

The other two tracks follow the more conventional style of “Perpetual dreamers”, but without the Saxophone.  Both are great tracks and Vicky’s vocals shine – she has a great voice.  The prog elements are clear to see but there are other influences too.

“Equations vanquish equality” is out now.

Rating: 8/10

E.V.E. are:

Vicky Psarakis – vocals
Yannis Papadopoulos – Guitar
George Vardakis – Piano/keyboards
Defkalion Dimos – Drums

Track listing:

1. Poetic injustice
2. Perpetual dreamers
3. The planets cry
4. You could

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