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Originating from Montreal, Canada, October Sky has been playing music together for a decade. What started as four teenagers with a passion for music developed into a foursome with a common desire to excel in the studio and on stage. The Canadian quartet consists of Karl Raymond (vocals & guitars), Alex Racine (drums) and Yanik Rouleau (keyboards). Their musical output includes two albums (1 EP and 1 LP), two music videos, a cross-Canadian tour, and a host of sold-out live performances.

In September 2008, October Sky released their first full-length album “Hell Isn’t My Home,” which garnered them instant success. The album features 10 tracks which alternate between frenzied rock and ambient alternative. The LP earned them three awards for best provincial rock song, rock CD, and rock music video. Two music videos soon followed, one of which was in rotation on MUCH Loud and in the Top 5 on Musique Plus. During this time, the band also performed live on national TV for CTV’s Telethon of Stars and was interviewed on Musique Plus.

Since this time, October Sky has not looked back. They followed their debut LP release with a national tour which touched down in 15 Canadian cities from Montreal to Vancouver. Their music often brings them on the road and they have recently performed alongside such well-established artists and Alexisonfire, Mobile, Bad Religion, and Michel Pagliaro. As national winners of the Global Battle of the Bands, October Sky represented Canada in London, England in April 2010 at The Scala.
October Sky have returned with their second LP, ‘The Aphotic Season’, after securing a record contract with the Manchester-based label, Rock Sector Records.. However Just days after the announcement of the album, bassist Andrew Walker decided to quit the band to pursue his personal career.

Sounding in my opinion like a cross between 30 Seconds To Mars, and early Muse, October Sky deliver a record of outstanding clarity, there is a lot more keyboards and more guitar punch on this album than on their debut, with the band moving on from the more proggy sound of ‘Hell Isn’t My Home’ to the more alternative rock sounds of ‘The Aphotic Sky’, even bordering on Ambient on tracks like Angel One.
‘Dark Vision’ kicks this cd off ( listen to this on the soundcloud link HERE ) and right away your hit with a very catchy tune, a great way to introduce you to the band.
There’s a lot more going on here than you may hear on your first listen, you really need to hear this on a loop to get the most out of it, simple sounding tracks belie the depth of musical complexity, bubbling away just below the surface. The vocals, guitars and keyboards blending together beautifully on tracks like’ Prisioner Of Nothing’ and ‘ Air’.
‘Green and Beautiful’ is this albums outstanding track, full of lush harmonies, and a very catchy hook, sounding very much like the end bars from U2s Beautiful Day.
‘Falling back down’ has a more alt rock feel to it, while ‘Distance’ is full of hung notes and suspended chords, very much heading into Muse territory here with this one.
The final 3 tracks have all appeared on the debut ‘Hell Isn’t My Home’ and are only available on the uk release, as an added bonus from the record company to you.

This is an album full of emotive keyboard playing, light yet powerful vocals, and featuring some great guitar riffs, this has to be one of the most Innovative records I have heard so far this year, 8/10

04. AIR
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