Diementia – Forgotten Dead e.p


To say that the  Forgotten Dead 4 track  e.p by Glasgow based metallers Diementia is a step up from demo album Tears Of Blood is a vast understatement! Not only in production but also in it’s  ferocity! Vocals on Tears Of Blood were handled by drummer Ricky Kerr, one of two remaining members of that era’s  line up but  resident vocalist Duncan MacIvor certainly exorcises many demons over the 17 minute long ep. Bass duties on Forgotten Dead come from another new member, Rowan Petch whilst  second original member, Jason Hinde is still thrashing away on guitar!

The acoustic intro and following riff of opener Ravaged By Fire  gives that feeling as you wait  for a lit firework to ignite which it duly does after a minute as Duncan gives his first lung bursting bellow giving a more death metal feel to Diementia and Jason’s grinding riffs steamroller in backed by Ricky’s drum assault.

Cracked’s rolling riff, shrieking vocals and armageddon like  drums are yet more proof of Diementia’s new lease of life. After 3 minutes of madness, the riffs slow down but the drumwork gets more insane before the song ends in an early Celtic Frost riffing style.

Annihilation Of The Mind’ s opening bars are similar to Dig by Mudavayne but thats where the comparison  ends as the stop/start riffing comes in with Duncan  hollering like Randy Blyth  from Lamb Of God over more frenetic footwork from Ricky. Some melodic technical riffing midway is a brief respite before the opening riff returns to close the number.

Fourth and final track Uncover The Truth immediately goes for the throat, a non stop barrage of barked vocals, slashing riffs and metronomic drums bringing the ep to an end like a metal tornado!

The Forgotten Dead ep has been available since June 4th. A hard copy is available from diementia.bigcartel.com and in digital format from iTunes, Spotify, Emusic and Rhapsody. Future Diementia  plans include reworking and recording 5 tracks from Tears Of Blood, writing new material for their debut album and finding a 2nd guitarist to join the band.


Forgotten Dead ep track listing :-

Ravaged By Fire.


Annihilation Of The Mind.

Uncover The Truth.


Diementia band line up :-

Ricky Kerr- Drums.

Jason Hinde- Guitars.

Duncan MacIvor- Vocals.

Rowan Petch- Bass.


I award the Forgotten Dead ep 9/10.

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