NUNSLAUGHTER and ACID WITCH stream split 7″, ‘Spooky’

Noisey – Music By Vice are streaming the entirety of the brand-new Spooky 7″, a special split release between NUNSLAUGHTER and ACID WITCH, released this week by HELLS HEADBANGERS.

If ever there was a perfect HELLS HEADBANGERS record, Spooky would be it: a split 7″ EP between two of the label’s most signature bands, NUNSLAUGHTER and ACID WITCH! Always giving value for money, Spooky features two exclusive tracks each from both bands.

ACID WITCH are up first with the churning cauldron boil of “Evil.” Then, NUNSLAUGHTER closes out Side A with the punny “Spooky Tails” – but funny this haunting dirge is not! EPspooky

NUNSLAUGHTER opens Side B with “A Sordid Past,” a ripper of the highest order. Finally, ACID WITCH returns to close out the record with “Fiends of Old,” one of their most aggressive, hard-charging songs to date.

This split is likely to sell out quickly – get one before they’re gone! And, for a limited time, stream all four tracks exclusively HERE.

Tracklisting for split 7″, Spooky
1. Acid Witch – “Evil”
2. Nunslaughter – “Fiends of Old”
3. Nunslaughter – “A Sordid Past”
4. Acid Witch – “Spooky Tails”

“When you need metal, go to hell!”

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