Nightmare – The Aftermath.

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On 26 June 2014
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11 tracks of full on heavy metal from French band Nightmare.

nightmareIf I was to name any French rock/metal bands I would only know Trust, Gojra or Shakin Street and now there is Nightmare, a very welcome addition to the list. I don’t really know why they have not crossed my path before as they were formed way back in 1979 in Grenoble. Of their 9 studio albums, their latest is The Aftermath and contains 11 tracks of blistering heavy metal. The production is unbelievable with everything cranked right up to the max and is available now via AFM Records. Nightmare split from 1987-1999 and on their reformation existing drummer Jo Amore took over on lead vocals with his younger brother David taking over on the drums.

A brief intro called ‘The Aftermath’ consists of an eerie spoken vocal with a grandiose orchestral backing which segues into the punching heavy riffs of ‘Bringer Of No Man’s Land’. It’s a fine example of prime power metal and is a fine introduction to the gruff operatic vocal style of Jo, bringing to mind Udo Dirkschneider only with a bigger range. The quality of the album continues with ‘Forbidden Tribe’ with almost death metal riffing and some hefty double bass drumming. The vocals soar over the music especially on the surprisingly melodic chorus.

‘Necromancer’ is drum heavy backed by galloping riffs with some neat off kilter rhythms. A soaring guitar solo cuts in midway as an intense barrage of riffs batters all before it. The chiming guitar intro to ‘Invoking Dreams’ builds into a tick chugging riff into crushing heavy metal and melodic choruses add texture to the song. ‘I Am Immortal’ has a buzzing main riff over banks of synths with an intense riffing mid section leading into twin guitar solos. Just when you thought you had heard the best riffs on ‘The Aftermath’, up comes these hammer blow slammers with Jo giving his most aggressive vocal on the album. ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ is pedal to the floor metal full of crunching riffs and brutal drumming.

Album highlight for me is next. ‘The Bridge Is Burning’ begins with gentile keys and an emotional, serene vocal so I was expecting a big ballad but at the 1 minute mark the riffs slam in with a brief piano/violin section midway to cool things down followed by a guitar solo befitting this epic song! ‘Mission For God’ is a sure fire headbanger with heavy but catchy riffs with the drums snapping at their heels. The album closes strongly with ‘Alone In The Distance’. It’s mauling riffs with a hefty rhythm section backing bring to mind early Warlock. 2014 dates are due and Nightmare have just played on the main stage at Hellfest in France where they apparently went down a storm!


Nightmare band line up :-

Jo Amore – Vocals.

Franck Milleliri – Guitars.

Matt Asselbergs – Guitars.

Yves Campion – Bass.

David Amore – Drums/Machines.


Album track listing :-

The Aftermath (Intro).

Bringers Of A No Man’s Land.

Forbidden Tribe.


Invoking Demons.

I Am Immortal.

Digital DNA.

Ghost In The Mirror.

The Bridge Is Burning.

Mission For God.

Alone In The Distance.




11 tracks of full on heavy metal from French band Nightmare.

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