Hellfest 2014 Review Blog – Sunday 22nd June

Final day of Hellfest :( which we have been affectionately calling ‘Dustfest’ this year due to the amount of dust that is being churned up from the parched earth. It’s even hotter today but is overcast on the way into the festival and we do get a 4 minute long shower of rain once we are there but then it’s back to being hot and sunny as Hell!

First up for me today is the Listening Session for In Flames new album ‘Sirens Charms’, which is due out later this year. All I can say abuot it at the moment is that it’s powerful, melodic in certain places and quintessentially an In Flames album!!!! Unfortunately I miss In Solitude due to this.

I stay around VIP while waiting for my interview of the day, only three to do and listen to Crowbar on Main Stage they are sounding pretty good!Crowbar

I interview the guys fron Mos Generator Click here to hear the interview

Then catch up with JB from Svart Crown, who is their as a guest but still manages to fit in an interview with me. Merci JB :)  Click here to hear the interview

it’s now time for my final band interview with the awesome guys from Incantation  Click here to hear the interview.

I head off to our meeting point beside the Metal Tree to get the low down on Hazel’s & Andy’s first Hellfest Experience. We have met at various festivals so I knew they would tell me truthfully how Hellfest compares to others festivals an dif they would be willing to return especially as their first Euro festival is pure heat and dust! Cheers you two for taking the time out to do the interview :) Click here to hear the interview.

Hellfest 2014I head off to the Ferris Wheel and wait in-line whilst Alter Bridge are playing after Neil shoots the band he joins me and we are whisked high up for a bird’s eye view of Hellfest and beyond. This is the first year the Ferris Wheel has been there and it’s proved to be very popular and at 5€ it’s not badly priced.

Now it’s time to check out some bands. First up is Annihilator who are superb today and the crowd are very receptive espicaly to the old tracks as well as the new ones. Highlights for me ‘Alison Hell’ & ‘Phantasmagoria’.

Annhiliator Setlist:Annihilator
Smear Campaign
King of the Kill
No Way Out
Set the World on Fire
Road to Ruin
Alison Hell
Brain Dance
Human Insecticide



Next up one of the main highlights for me Dark Angel. I had posted on FB is they weren’t very good live I would be having a FB Status moan however they were superb so all my FB pals didn’t have to suffer one of my moans ;) I am so glad they played as they were definatley worth the wait to see. Highlights for me included ‘Time Does Not Heal’, ‘Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)’ before the tore up the stage with teir final two songs ‘Merciless Death’ & ‘Perish in Flames’. The crrowd are loving them and scream out for more when they leave the stage.

Dark Angel Setlist:Dark Angel
Darkness Descends
We Have Arrived
The Burning of Sodom
Time Does Not Heal
No One Answers
Never to Rise Again
Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)
Merciless Death
Perish in Flames

I head over to the Food Stalls for some dinner and then head over to The temple to catch the remainder of Vreid’s special set. Again these guys are totally on form and are working their magic on the crowd.

Hellfest (11)Vreid Setlist:
Arntor, A Warrior (Windir cover)
The Reap
The Spiritlord (Windir cover)
Eldast, utan å gro
The Profound Power (Ulcus cover)
On the Montain of the Goats (Windir cover)
Svartesmeden og Lundamyrstrollet (Windir cover)
Pitch Black
Journey to the End (Windir cover)

Now I’m faced with another trio clash so I stay around to catch the start of Paradise Lost’s set which included ‘Persephone’, ‘Mortals Watch the Day’ and a superb ‘So Much Is Lost‘ then straight into ‘Remembrance‘ and then one of my fav’s before I headed out during the start of ‘Enchantment’ to see some of Soundgarden set. I have seen both bands before and it was a tough call.

As I had stayed long than planned to watch Paradise Lost I never made it over to the Warzone to see the Misfits but I had seen them last year at Hellfest so it wasn’t to bad and this is the major down side to trio clashes as if you get sucked into an awesome set you miss out on the other bands!!

Soundgarden Setlist:
Hellfest (3)Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Rusty Cage
Black Hole Sun
My Wave
The Day I Tried to Live
Jesus Christ Pose (with W.M.A. tag)
Fell on Black Days
Beyond the Wheel

Neil and I met up then head out into the arena to watch Sabbath. By now the arena is literally jammed packed so after the first few songs I head back into VIP to sit outside and listen to them. I’ve seen them before and they delivered a great set filled with all the crowd pleaser’s and more. You can see/hear why they are still as popular today as yesteryears!

Before I head off for my coach back to Nantes I pop in to catch a few songs from 1349 who are devouring the eager crowd in the Temple!

Black Sabbath Setlist:
War Pigs
Into the Void
Hellfest (7)Snowblind
Age of Reason
Black Sabbath
Behind the Wall of Sleep
N.I.B. (Preceded by “Bassically” Geezer Butler Solo)
Fairies Wear Boots
Rat Salad (with Drum Solo)
Iron Man
God Is Dead?
Children of the Grave
Paranoid (with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath intro)

All I can add is Merci Hellfest and I am already looking forward to returning next year for the 0th Anniversary Festival :)



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