New Manic Spree – Hollywords and galaxies

New Manic Spree formed in Australia in 2009, and quote a wide range of influences – from classical composers such as Debussey to Indie rock bands such as the Klaxons. Their EP “Hollywoods and galaxies” has been receiving plenty of airplay in Australia, but at the moment the band remains fairly poorly known here in the UK.

The music is a blend of Indie/Alternative rock with other influences. I have to be honest – Indie rock isnt really my kind of thing normally, but having said that this is actually very good – it’s different enough from other Indie rock bands that it stands out, and it’s got a good interesting sound to it.

If you’re a fan of Indie rock/alternative rock then this is an EP thats certainly worth checking out.

“Hollywoods and Galaxies” is available now.

Tim Baker – Vocals/guitar
Edmund Hiew – Guitar
Gwen Warnick – Bass
Dave McMonagle – Drums

Track listing:

1. Deranged
2. Plastique fantastique
3. Hollywoods and galaxies
4. Leck!e
5. Prelude
6. Call to arms

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