Neverstar – When Dreams Come True (cd)

Neverstar are a female fronted Symphonic Metal/Hard Rock band who has been delivering high energy music and live performances since 2009. Their songs are a combination of various styles which includes symphonic metal, pop rock and nu metal.

The band’s signature sound is inspired by classical and symphonic tones mixed with pounding guitars and immense vocal melodies. Neverstar’s music is emotionally charged, filled with theatrical settings and dark characteristics, amplified by ear splitting yet melodic guitar riffs.

Opening track “Vengeful Hypocrisy” sets the scene for this incursion into symphonic metal territory with sweeping vocals, operatic set pieces and a structured, almost classical approach to choruses it’s easy to see why this fledging band are often compared to the likes of early Nightwish with Vega’s vocal range being on a similar octave level to Tarja.

Throughout the e.p you have glimpses of excellence in what is rapidly becoming an over saturated genre, which set Neverstar apart from other bands of a similar nature.

The tracks “Vengeful Hypocrisy”, “Wings of Lust” and “Resurrect” stand head and shoulders above the other songs which form the fine debut e.p.

The main things which lets the ep down is the production/mastering elements of it and you can not help but feel if the ep had not been self recorded and engineered by the band it would have had the extra “spark” to take it to the next level.

Highlight of the e.p: “Resurrect”

Rating: 7/10

Track listing:

1. Vengeful Hypocrisy;
2. It’s a Fantasy;
3. Rage of Desire;
4. Wings of Lust;
5. Alone;
6. Always Here;
7. Resurrect;



Vega Sims – Vocals
Pieter Cronje – Guitar
Anthony Evans – Bass
Leigh Prout – Drums


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