Nashville’s ‘ The Bloody Nerve’ announce UK album release

Nashvillians Stacey Blood and Laurie Anne Layne are the town’s crucial rock n’ roll killers, The Bloody Nerve. The two voices that collide in reckless harmony construct a meridian of American blues and rock n’ roll, resulting in a back-beat religion that testifies rhythm, motion and soul.

In true Texas legacy, Blood started his rock n’ roll journey in Dallas . But it was during his time in San Luis Obispo, CA he truly began to deconstruct his musical limits while making ends meet as a drive time DJ for many radio stations around the state. He has proved a reversal of the common rock n‘ roller turned radio host story, abandoning his broadcasting gig for pursuing the dream. Not ­finding any kind of fi­t in Southern California, he arrived in Nashville in 2009.

Laurie Ann Layne cut her teeth in the R&B world in New York working with various producers until hitting the map in Nashville, recording vocals on Motown’s India Arie’s Grammy nominated “Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationships” in 2006.

Blood and Layne met in Nashville in 2011 and moved to start The Bloody Nerve in 2013. Working and living at their own Overbar Studios on the outskirts on Nashville, The Bloody Nerve produced their fi­rst offerings in the form of two, three-track EP’s “Red” and “Blue”. In July 2014, a fi­re completely destroyed Blood and Layne’s home and studio, delaying production and release of their debut 2015 LP “Taste”

The Bloody Nerve are excited to release ‘Taste’ in the UK and tour plans are expected to be announced this year.

Stacey explains  “I’m particularly proud of this album because of how difficult it was to make and we did the whole thing ourselves.  No labels, no suits telling us what to do. But it’s kind of like natural child birth.  Liberating and inspiring but hurts like a sumbitch.  That’s Taste.”

Laurie Ann: adds  “I hope people dig it, sure.  Although I am realistic and know that this album doesn’t fit into any of the preselected boxes out there.  That makes it unsafe.  And that is exactly why people should dig it.”

As rock n’ roll goes, these guys have The Bloody Nerve

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