Nachtblut – Dogma CD

Nachtblut are prepared to conquer the dark scene with their second album. “Dogma” which was release 25th May through Napalm Records.

The title track ‘Dogma’ starts off the album in great style. It has a superb heavy groove filled will drum beats, bass lines and riffs along with some evil sounding vocals sung in German.  Dark and brooding track Ich Trinke Blut (I Drink Blood) is superb, it sums up the title perfectly. Eiskönigin (Ice Queen) has a upbeat groove and feel to it. It’s definitely a metal/rock club hit as it’s actually more main stream metal than doomy/dark apart from Askeroth abrasive vocals.

The atmospheric start to Mein Herz In Ihren Händen (My Heart in your Hands) lures you into a solid wall of pounding riffs, beats and screams, before going all melodic with softly sung vocal then the barrage of (great sounding) abuse beings again. At around 5 minutes into this track it suddenly changes to an industrial metal ‘dancey’ style with female vocals soaring high!

Which seamless leads us into ‘Mordlust’ (Killing Spree), which as its name suggests is a dark, industrial style track that changes tempo and feel a few times!

A fanfare heralds the start of Macht (Power) and next track Busssakrament ( Sacrament of Penance) features church bells and organ in the track! Final track Schritte (Steps) starts off very melodic and sweeps along almost instrumental in parts before the vocals crash in again.

The album production is fantastic. Nothing is overpowered even though there is at times a lot going one including flutes, synthesizers etc, you can hear all the different instruments clearly. It’s chocked full with compositions and movements. There is never a dull moment through the album as there is always something new to be heard especially on subsequent listens!

A powerful, foot stomping head banging album that is melodic yet brutal enough to please most metal heads.  What it lacks for me is I do not understand German so I just enjoyed the style and feel of the lyrics and track.

I used a translating tool to find out what the song titles mean and added them in below it helped explain the songs!


Rating – 8/10



01. Dogma

02. Der Weg Ist Das Ziel – The Path is the Goal

03. Ich Trinke Blut – I Drink Blood

04. Eiskönigin – Ice Queen

05. Rache – Revenge

06. Mein Herz In Ihren Händen – My Heart in your Hands

07. Mordlust – Killing Spree

08. Macht – Power

09. Busssakrament – Sacrament of Penance

10. Vulva

11. Schritte – Steps


Band Members

Askeroth – Vocals
Sacerdos – E-Bass, Backing Vocals
Skoll – Drums
Lymania – Keyboard
Greif – Guitar



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