Spineshank – Anger Denial Acceptance CD

Anger Denial Acceptance is Spineshank’s fourth full length and first one in almost a decade, where has the time gone! The album was released in Europe on the 18th June via Century Media Records.

‘After the End’ starts off with a huge scream and continues on in an angst driven pace. With a mixture of shouty alternated with clean and clear vocals, a great groove and heavy riffs baselines and pounding drums, it is a superb start to the album. ‘Nothing Left for Me’ this track has floating around the net for the last few weeks. This is the track I wasn’t keen on when it came out however it has started to grow on me however it has still not won me over! Check out the video at the bottom of the page.

Title track ‘Anger Denial Acceptance’ is a strong track where we see a jump up in pace and aggression at the start, before taking a more melodic turn during the chorus and a spoken/shouted verses at the middle of the track before going into a great guitar solo.  ‘I Want You to Know’ starts off with some foot stomping chords before it mellows out to a modern nu-metal ballad.  ‘Murder Suicide’ roars into life again featuring the scream/shouts interchanging with clear-cut vocals. Both the last 2 tracks are similar in style.

‘The Endless Disconnect’ has a toe tapping ‘punky’ style with some stand out electronic and riffs, bass lines and a catchy chorus!  ‘I Am Damage’ kicks off to a pounding start again there Is a punky raw edge however there is a lot more action packed guitar riffs in this track.

‘Ploratio Morbus’ is a very slow, twisted and soft melodic instrumental track, that leads us into the drums beats of ‘Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends’ this track harks back to the original Spineshank style with a new modern feel added in, this style follows through to the next track ‘The Reckoning’ as well.

The next 3 short tracks all flow on from each other as we move through the various stages with the guys. ‘God Complex (Anger)’ at less than 2 minutes long, it a sudden burst of anger, in case you never guessed that from its name! At the end of the track you hear a piano leading us to the end of the track before we move onto ‘Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)’ a short mellow and sort track just over a minute and a half long. Then we’re ready to move onto the for the final step ‘Exit Wound (Acceptance)’ which I would class a lovelorn! ballad with a few heavy drum beats and riffs it in to keep you interested whilst this takes us to the end of the album.

Anger Denial Acceptance is superbly produced, you can hear clearly what is going on and on subsequent listens you do pick up on riffs etc that you didn’t catch the first time around.  If you’re after another Height Of Callousness, you will be left wanting. It’s more a combo of the new metalcore than nu metal of old.

You are served up a great mix of their trademark electronic flourishes along with a brutalish dose of industrial metalcore! Screams/shouty vocals swapping to clear-cut melodic ones before retreating combined with soaring riffs, barbaric bass lines, devilish drumming it’s a great album.

The first half of the tracks have a softer and more commercial feel whilst the remaining tracks are rawer, heavier in style and sound, these are the tracks that I like the best!


Rating 7.5/10


1. After the End

2. Nothing Left for Me

3. Anger Denial Acceptance

4. I Want You to Know

5. Murder Suicide

6. The Endless Disconnect

7. I Am Damage

8. Ploratio Morbus

9. Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends

10. The Reckoning

11. God Complex (Anger)

12. Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)

13. Exit Wound (Acceptance)



Johnny Santos – Vocals

Mike Sarkisyan – Guitar

Tommy Decker – Drums

Rob Garcia – Bass



1998 – Strictly Diesel

2000 – The Height Of Callousness

2003 – Self Destructive Patterns

2012 – Anger Denial Acceptance







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