My Dynamite – My Dynamite

My Dynamite are a new Australian band who play classic rock in the Led Zeppelin vein, with comparisons also being made to Black Crowes, The Faces, Free and more.  There is a definite 1970’s feel, but not so much that it feels dated – instead it evokes memories of some of the great 70’s bands while still having a fresh feel to it.

Black Crowes fans in particular as well as fans of 70s rock’n’roll bands should definitely check out My Dynamite – this is really good stuff.  The album has plenty of changes of pace, and some great vocals.  The guitar work has enough punch to make things rock but at the same time is content to remain slightly in the background to avoid overshadowing the vocals – really the music and vocals work perfectly.

This is an album by a band I had never heard of before listening to it, so I had no particular expectations or pre-conceived ideas of what to expect.  After a listen to the album, the first thing I did was to put it on again (and again) – this is a damn good album and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from My Dynamite in the next few years.

My Dynamite release their self titled debut album on Listenable records on 26th March

Rating: 8/10

My Dynamite are:

Pat Carmody (vocals, harp)
Jorge Balas (guitar)
Benny Wolf (guitar)
Travis Fraser (bass)
Simon Aarons (drums)

Track listing:

1. Take it or leave it
2. Inside out
3. If we’re livin’
4. Dirty game
5. Watch yourself grow
6. Raise your glasses
7. Singing stormy weather
8. Big attraction
9. All that she brings
10. Fork in your tongue

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