MUTANK write about Wacken Metal Holy Land Trip + release live video ‘Running Reds’

mutank-at-wackenWacken Metal Battle Canada champions MUTANK, have written about their experience at the world’s greatest and most sacred metal festival Wacken Open Air on with exclusive live video of them thrashing their track ‘Running Reds‘.

To read  about and watch the live video, please visit this link: “What Has 160,000 Feet And Headbangs For Three Days Straight? + Live Video ‘Running Reds’

Mutank performed on July 30th on the WET Stage for the international Wacken Metal Battle after winning the Canadian Metal Battle, which had over 100 Canadian bands compete.

Their debut ‘M.E.C.H. Metal’ was released in early 2014 and is available as a pay what you want download on bandcamp plus audio cassette.

Upcoming Show Dates:

Aug 23 – Trailer Thrash Fest – Saint-Pie, QC w/ Reanimator, Eternal Judgment, Death Lullaby, Venomenon, Dissension and more!

For more info on Mutank, please visit the following links:

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