Lord Volture – Will To Power.

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Lord Volture

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On 21 August 2014
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A contender for power metal album of 2014 by Dutch band Lord Volture.

Lord Volture albumDutch power metallers Lord Volture have certainly been prolific with their recorded output since forming in 2009. In the space of just 5 years they have released their debut ‘Beast Of Thunder’ in 2010, ‘Never Cry Wolf’ the following year and  Setember 12th 2014 will see the European release of their third and strongest album so far, ‘Will To Power’ via Mausoleum Records. Lead by the high pitched vocals of David Marcelis, the 5 piece band have honed their songwriting craft into 9 tracks of cutting edge power metal. The production is crisp and clear with every instrument pushed up into the mix so when the guitar solos come in for example, the rhythm section is blasting out right behind them.

Lord Volture recently made their UK debut at the S.O.S Festival, playing 4 songs from ‘Will To Power’ in only a 7 song set. Set opener was the first song on ‘Will To Power’, called ‘Where The Enemy Sleep’, an immediate contender for song of the album as the marching drum intro backed by crashing guitar riffs as the main riff speeds in like a faster ‘Blackened’ by Metallica, joined by the first of many banshee screams from David. The chorus is a foot on the monitor belter with raging guitar solos midway. Other highlights are ‘Taklamakan’, it’s intense, chugging main riff backs yet another big chorus. ‘The Pugilist’ has an early Saxon vibe with grinding but catchy heavy riffing. Another number with a melodic edge to the metal.

The album title track is all drum driven heavy metal in the vein of  ‘Night Prowler’ by AC/DC featuring guitar solos from ex  Megadeth member Chris Poland as we get to the first of 2 epic songs on here. First is ‘The Great Blinding’. It’s vintage Scorpions like intro gives way to slow, moody riffs with a soaring, emotional vocal which heads into a frantic guitar heavy finish with fiery twin lead solos over  heavy thrash metal riffs. The second is ‘Badajoz (1812), telling the story of one of the bloodiest battles of the Napoleonic wars at the Spanish city of Badajoz. It contains an instantly memorable riff and a crunching segment midway contains battle samples for added effect followed by a chanted victory passage to end the song. Album closer and the fastest track is the turbo charged ‘Line Em Up’. It’s fizzing riffs, hard rock tinged midsection and yet more fiery solos finish the album on a high!


Lord Volture band :-lord volture band

David Marcelis – Vocals.

Paul Marcelis – Guitar.

Leon Hermans – Guitar.

Simon Guerts – Bass guitar.

Frank Wintermans – Drums.


Album track listing :-

Where The Enemy Sleep.


The Pugilist.

Will To Power.

My Sworn Enemy.

The Great Blinding.


Badajoz (1812).

Line Em Up.


A contender for power metal album of 2014 by Dutch band Lord Volture.

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