Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast

Good news for fans of US Thrashers Municipal Waste – their fifth album, The Fatal Feast is out next month.

This is the bands first album since moving from Earache to Nuclear Blast and its clear that the move to a major label hasnt led to them toning things down – this is Municipal Waste doing what they do best, brutally fast heavy craziness.
What we have here is sixteen tracks with a total running time of 38 minutes – thats barely over two minutes per song on average, but that’s exactly what you expect from Municipal Waste, and while for many bands a 38 minute album woul feel short, with the ‘Waste then you don’t get that feeling – there’s only so much crazy thrashing you can take before your neck snaps and you need a break.

The album lacks some of the variety of earlier albums and goes for a consistently fast and heavy sound throughout the entire album.  That relentlessly fast and heavy sound is slightly overwhelming and as a result starts to lose some of its impact.

While this is not their best album, this is still a great album that fans of Municipal Waste are going to thoroughly enjoy.  My recommendation – buy it, learn the songs then get yourself to one of their live shows which is where they really excel.

“The Fatal Feast” will be released on 13th April via Nuclear Blast.

Track listing:

1. Waste in space
2. Repossession
3. New dead masters
4. Unholy abductor
5. Idiot check
6. Covered in sick – the barfer
7. You’re cut off
8. Authority complex
9. Standards and practices
10. Crushing chest wound
11. The monster with 21 faces
12. Jesus freaks
13. The fatal feast
14. 12 step program
15. Death tax
16. Residential disaster

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