Moore Street band – Moore street band

Moore street band was founded by Tony Chiarchiaro, Ken Tsuchiyama and Norman Mezey after their band Heritage broke up.  They brought in guitarist Ed Krzyzaniak to complete the lineup. They have a sound that stresses three and four part harmonies, and as the various members have considerable experience working with other musicians, they produce their own recordings.

“Feel my heart” opens with some nice piano work before the guitars kick in.  It’s got excellent guitar work and that makes this my favourite track on the album by far.

“I do” has a real 1960’s feel to it musically, and the lyrics also sound tlike they’d be at home on a 60s hit.

The ’60s feel continues with “Cause I love you”

“Crazy” has a nice heavy guitar riff driving it, and the vocals counterbalance this to give a nice result – smooth but heavy.

Rating: 6.5/10

Moore Street band are:

Tony Chiarchiaro – Lead vocals
Ed Krzyzaniak – Guitars
Ken Tsuchiyama – Keyboards
Norman Mezey – Drums

Track listing:

1. Feel my heart
2. I do
3. Cause I love you
4. Crazy
5. What do you want?

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