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On 3 June 2018
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In one word, Hellhound from Monument is monumental.

Something heavy this way comes from ROAR Rock Of Ages Records that goes under the name of Hellhound, the third studio album from metallers Monument!

No cliche is left out as they hammer out nine songs of pure heavy metal with joyous vigour. Lead by the powerful vocal pipes of Peter Ellis, opening track ‘William Kidd’ puts the power in power metal with an emotionally charged vocal delivery backed by a band hammering away with all guns blazing. The twin guitars of Dan Baune and Lewis Stephens compliment each other with lightning speed riffs and solos.


Other highlights are following track ‘The Chalice’, a touch more melodic but no less intense as the snare work from Gio Durst provides a solid backbone to piercing guitar fills. ‘Death Avenue’ is bone crunching metal with Peter delivering some mighty wails. The title track ‘Hellhound’ hurtles along on a drum dominated battery and shimmering twin lead work that head off into the stratosphere. ‘The End’ is an epic length chugger containing air guitar inducing histrionics as it fades out to a whisper.

A shift in pace sees ‘Attila’ rage along on a full head of steam, doing justice to the song subject matter. It’s real foot on the monitor stuff and the lead breaks are the most mind bending on the album. My personal favourite is final track ‘Straight Through The Heart’, full of sumptuously catchy choruses and Lizzy like guitar flourishes that close Hellhound with a strong commercial edge.

Hellhound album track listing :-

Monument - William KidWilliam Kidd.

The Chalice.

Death Avenue.



Wheels Of Steel.

The End.


Straight Through The Heart.

In one word, Hellhound from Monument is monumental.

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