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Toledo Steel

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On 2 June 2018
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Toledo Steel. A band so metal they even have one in their name!

At last, the wait is finally over. Southampton based metallers Toledo Steel unleash their debut album No Quarter via Dissonance Productions on June 1st! Now back to a five piece the album opens up with ‘Behold The Machine’ but never mind the machine, behold these riffs that burst out of your speakers and the intensity increases as lead guitarists Tom Potter and Josh Haysom burn faster up their fretboards for the solos. A midway foot off the accelerator pedal gives Matt Dobson a respite from his furious drum assaults.

Other highlights are ‘No Quarter’, first single taken from the album. It’s purely no frills heavy metal with a headbanging main riff matched by the cackling snarled vocal from Rich Rutter and air guitars are a must for the solo laden breaks. The dynamically heavy intro to ‘Cemetary Lake’ heads off into melodic thrash territory. ‘Visions In The Fire’ is an early Saxon like riffer backed by a powerful melodic lead vocal.

‘Rock Nights’ is an intense, catchy number and I can recall hearing this go down well at the Grimm Up North festival in Bury last year. It’s a full on rager with Rich hitting some banshee wails in the cheesy lyrics that heads into an unexpected gallop laced with over the top solos. ‘Sight Of The Sniper’ is a snare snapping pounder as the riffs churn back and forth around a menacing vocal. Guitars go into overload midway with scorching leads and hypnotizing time changes. Favourite track for me is the cliche ridden ‘Heavy Metal Headache’. It’s as dumb as the title suggests but we would not have it any other way as we can all relate to the lyrics.

No Quarter album track listing :-

Behold The Machine.

No Quarter.

Cemetary Lake.

Visions In The Fire.

Rock Nights.

Sight Of The Sniper.

Heavy Metal Headache.

When The Night Draws In.

Toledo Steel. A band so metal they even have one in their name!

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