Molten Metal Gods Calendar 2015

Molten Metal GodsThere will be no one reading this page who does not know about the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and all the good work it does to help stamp our prejudice and hatred.  There will be few of you also that have not already bought a t-shirt or wrist band in support of this foundation.  A new initiative recently born is the Molten Metal Gods 2015 calendar.

The brain child of Wendy Page (gig photographer) and Samantha Tomlin (co-founder and promoter of OXROX metal nights in Oxford), the calendar was devised to raise money for this worthwhile cause and itself embraces variety.

As they say on their pledge page

“It should be ok to be different, not an invitation to violence and abuse. We are hoping to raise as much money as possible to help the Sophie Lancaster Foundation in their work reaching out to Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere.” 

The calendar includes 12 individuals/bands from the rock and metal scene, who represent real emerging talent on the live music circuit, as well as the renowned Krusher Joule for the cover.  The project is being funded through a pledge campaign on Indigogo and needs to reach its goal of £1300 to be able to produce the calendars for those who have already pledged as well as to have available to buy at live venues and festivals.

There are various options ranging from £13 for the calendar itself as well as signed versions, various bundles which include cds, etc from the various bands, all the way up to 2 weekend passes for the Hard Rock Hell AOR Festival in March 2015.

Work is already underway and after only a short time the project has already reached 30% and the larger bundles are already selling out, so visit their webpage and have a look and pledge some money.

The following represent the Molten Metal Gods calendar 2015:


Joff Bailey – Savage Messiah

Stevie Westwood – Bad Touch

Jordan Spencer – Evil Scarecrow

Shanon Lee – Alexa de Strange

Tyler Dawson – Sanity Loss

Phillip and Peter Bailey – Bad Behaviour

Zach Ariah – Artisfiction

Richard Storey – Sioux Nation



The Burning Crows

Western Sand



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