EVIL SCARECROW Release new single ‘The Krakhen’

EVIL SCARECROW release new single ‘Release The Krakhen‘ on 21st December, out on Deadbox Records.

Release The Krakhen – Evil Scarecrow 
What the cluck?
Once more Evil Scarecrow embrace the social and political problems of our time, delving into the deepest fears of our population and summoning nightmares into being. As life becomes more of a struggle the effects of drug abuse are amplified, we have all worried about the potential influence of too much ‘rock’ on the world, but what about our poultry? This is the allegorical tale of a chicken that’s gone too far; within their crack-induced paranoia they come to believe they have been possessed by the soul of an ancient sea monster.
The overriding message – is don’t do drugs, not only is it a potentially dangerous waste of money, but it could turn you into a giant cock-rell.
“The Krakhen Wakes Tour” begins in January:
Saturday 6th January – Yardbirds, Grimsby support from Skarlett Riot
Friday 2nd February – Thekla, Bristol support from InTheWhale
Saturday 3rd February – Rebellion, Manchester support from InTheWhale
Friday 9th February – The Garage, London support from InTheWhale & I Am Your God
Saturday 10th February – Rock City, Nottingham support from InTheWhale & I Am Your God
Tickets for all shows are under £20 each including booking fees. Links to purchase tickets and for all things Evil Scarecrow are available here:

We had the most people in the history of Bloodstock get up early especially to see Evil Scarecrow play! If that isn’t testimonial to how incredible this band is, I don’t know what is! Stunning live band…” Vicky Hungerford, Bloodstock Open Air 
“… as you’re headbanging to this majestic metal madness, be aware that you might be doing so in the presence of a band who could one day help British metal take over the world again!” Planet-Loud 
“… the crowd’s raised pincers could just as well be a universal sign for a feed-me hunger for communal experience, they turn outright silliness into strangely emotional much needed catharsis.” Metal Hammer 
“‘Scream for me Download!’ asks ingeniously monikered Evil Scarecrow (KKKKK) frontman Dr. Rabid Hell. The prop-heavy, self-declared ‘Blue Peter-Metallers’ veer between ‘zero-gravity’ moon-moshing’ and inexplicably getting the overspilling tent to chant ‘eggs’. World domination is only some sticky-backed plastic away” Kerrang! 

Evil Scarecrow’s live show has been captivating, delighting and surprising audiences for many years. From the local pub to the main stage at Bloodstock Festival, it has grown bigger, louder and sillier with each year of success. More than just a metal gig, an Evil Scarecrow show is a performance, a piece of bizarre rock theatre unlike any you’ve seen before. 
Famous for their ‘Blue Peter’ props, gregarious characters and catchy metal anthems, the band have gone from strength to strength. As well as regularly touring big venues across the UK, they’ve entertained fans at HRH Road Trip in Ibiza, Wacken Festival in Germany, and Summer Breeze Festival in Bavaria. 
Everywhere they play, their cult grows – and their fans are dedicated and enthusiastic. It’s not an Evil Scarecrow crowd without a few cardboard robots, foam crabs and other hilarious homemade props raised aloft. Crowd participation is just as important as what the band does on-stage, and the whole experience is a truly immersive one that will challenge even the most cynical to not join in. 
In 2024 the band will release their as yet untitled 5th studio album and touring their new show “The Krakhen Wakes”, playing a mix of new tracks and fan favourites from their full catalogue.

Tickets will be on sale from Friday 11th August:
Saturday 6th January – Yardbirds, Grimsby
Friday 2nd February – Thekla, Bristol
Saturday 3rd February – Rebellion, Manchester
Friday 9th February – Garage, London Saturday
10th February – Rock City, Nottingham


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