Mind the gaep – Get ready for tonight

mind the gaep - get ready for tonightMind the Gaep are a hard rock band from Frankfurt, Germany.  The band formed in 2006, and have previously released an EP (Rock’n’Roll decadence), with “Get ready for tonight” being their debut album.  The music is heavy guitar-driven rock with plenty of guitar solos.

Brief comments on a few tracks..

The album opens with the title track, “Get ready for tonight”.  It’s a fast heavy hard rock song.  Great vocals, great guitar – generally an all-round great song.

“Miss J” features some strong female backing vocals which sound great and really make this song stand out – it’s one of my favourite tracks on the album

“Midnight dance” features a saxophone which gives the song a different feel to it – as well as the hard rock, there’s a late night blues bar feel to it.  It’s a great song to end the album…except it doesnt.  There’s also a hidden song in the track.  Theres a minute or so of silence following the end of “Midnight dance” before you get an acoustic song – just vocals and acoustic guitar.  It’s a good song, but just doesnt end the album as well as “Midnight dance” would have done in my opinion.

A very good album – well worth a listen.

Rating 7/10

“Get ready for tonight” is out now.

Track listing:

1. Get ready for tonight
2. Reckless driver
3. Sister sister
4. Out of reach
5. Miss J
6. Bourbon blues
7. Chicago
8. Cum on babe
9. Femme fatale
10. What does love mean
11. Midnight dance

Mind the gaep are:

Matthias “matt” Diener – Vocals
Stephan “Branko” Ebert – Guitar
Vjeran Wertag – Bass
Fabian “Boozey” Ortkamp – Drums

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