Meshuggah ‘Koloss’ cd review.

The Prince’s of the Polyrhythm return with their follow up to 2008’s ‘obZen’ which was the bands most commercially successful release to date, however this monster should surpass it’s predecessor with ease.
Opening track ‘I Am Colossus’ sets the tone beautifully for a feast of Math Metal/Technical Death Metal/Avant – Garde Metal, call it what you will but the one connecting constant is the bands ability to push musical boundaries like few others can.
‘The Hurt That Finds You First’ is possibly one of the more accessible tracks on the album for those not familiar with previous releases, a beautiful, haunting, soaring masterpiece, whilst ’Marrow’ showcases what experimental geniuses these guys are.
However, don’t for a moment think that you can take this album in at one or two sittings, cross rhythm drumming, rhythmic syncopation allied with Death Metal vocals requires an open mind and a willingness to let yourself become immersed in all of it’s technical mastery. If you can achieve that then you’ll come to realise that this release not only represents a milestone in Meshuggah’s career but also an important moment in the genre of experimental music.

Rating 8.5/10

Meshuggah are;
Jens Kidman – Lead Vocals.
Fredrik Thordendal – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Tomas Hakke – Drums.
Marten Hagstrom – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Dick Lovgren – Bass.

Track Listing;
1. I Am Colossus.
2. The Demons Name Is Surveillance.
3. Do Not Look Down.
4. Behind The Sun.
5. The Hurt That Finds You First.
6. Marrow.
7. Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion.
8. Swarm.
9. Demiurge.
10. The Last Vigil.

Released 23rd of March via Nuclear Blast Records.

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