Gun Barrel ‘Brace For Impact’ cd review.

Although this is the bands 5th studio album release in a career spanning some 12 years, the UK has yet to latch on to the German guys offerings, until now that is, for this should turn a fair few heads with a truly winning formula of dirty, sleazy, metal tinged Rock ’N’ Roll. Think Kingdom Come meets Quireboys and your somewhere there.
Right from the off with opener ’Brace For Impact’ followed by the superb ’Dancing On Torpedoes’ it’s pretty much all out riffage and foot stomping anthems in glorious 90’s tinged style, slowing down only momentarily for the epic power ballad ’Turbolence And Decadence’ before rounding off the proceedings with the momentous dark and devious licks of ’Big Taboo’ .
A well recommended release, having been mixed by Yenz Leonhardt ( Stormwarrior, Kingdom Come) and mastered by Tommy Hansen ( Helloween, Pretty Maids) to a very high standard, this is a refreshingly good album which you’ll pass by at your peril.

Rating 8.5/10.

Gun Barrel are;
Patrick Suhl – Vocals.
Rolf Tanzius – Guitar.
Tomcat Kintgen – Bass.
Toni Pinciroli – Drums.

Track Listing;
1. No Survival On Arrival.
2. Brace For Impact.
3. Dancing On Torpedoes.
4. Books Of Live.
5. Start A Riot.
6. Stand Your Ground.
7. Diamond Bullets.
8. With Might And Main.
9. The Wild Hunt.
10. Turbolence And Decadence.
11. Big Taboo.

Released 23rd of March via Massacre Records.

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