Maze of time – Masquerade show

maze of time - masquerade showMaze of time started under the name ‘Under the sun’ and released a demo under that name, but in 2003 they discovered there was already an American band of the same name, so they changed their name to ‘Maze of time’.  They released their debut album ‘Tales from the maze’ in 2006 before having a lineup change.  Since then they’ve released ‘Lullaby for heroes’ in 2008 and have now released their third album, ‘Masquerade show’.

The music falls into the Progressive Rock or Progressive Metal category – in fact it meanders from one to the other.  You get some Prog Rock sections that remind you of early Marillion albums and also get heavier Metal sections too.  The vocals remind me of both Peter Gabriel and Fish and work really well.

Brief comments on a few tracks..

The album opens with ‘3-angle’, which is an intro track that sounds like it would be at home on a Pink Floyd album.

The first proper song is the title track, ‘Masquerade show’.  It’s over ten minutes long, and the vocals are definitely reminiscent of Peter Gabriel here.  It’s a great song.

‘Next morning’ is an instrumental played on the piano.  As a result it feels slightly out of place, even though it is a very nice piece of music

If you’re a fan of Prog then this album is definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 8/10

Track listing:

1. 3-angle
2. Masquerade show
3. Pandoras box
4. Dark matter
5. Mile by mile
6. Mountains of madness
7. Next morning
8. Mean messiah, man machine
9. Predator
10. Humanoid

Maze of time are:

Jesper Landen – Vocals
Robert Edman – Guitar
Jan Persson – Bass
Alex Jonsson – Keyboards
Bjorn Ohman – Backing vocals

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