Maybeshewill – ‘I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone’ 10th anniversary LP

Maybeshewill to release ‘I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone’ 10th anniversary double LP

To mark the tenth anniversary of the release of I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone, Maybeshewill is reissuing the album as a double LP through their own Robot Needs Home Collective record label on heavy-weight black vinyl. The second LP includes b-sides and remixes from the original release, plus live versions of many of the tracks specifically mixed for this release. The whole record has been carefully re-mastered by Tom Woodhead, with some slight alterations to the original vinyl release to maximise sound quality. Importantly, with the release coming out on their own label it also allows the band to reinvest as much as possible in working on a new record – their first since 2014’s Fair Youth.

The band approached Hannah Mosley, who illustrated the original album’s artwork, to re-work it for the reissue, and she has completely re-drawn it to reflect the changes in her, and the band, as artists during the intervening decade – lovingly reimagining the whole sleeve as a beautiful reflection on the original artwork.        

Speaking about her role in the record, then and now, Hannah says; 

“Every year since I created the artwork for I Was Here For A Moment, I’ve received lovely, heartfelt emails from Maybeshewill fans, reaching out to let me know how much they enjoyed my illustrations. In 18 years of putting out artwork, nothing else I’ve made has had people getting in touch a decade after its release. I think that speaks hugely to both the emotional place this album has occupied for a lot of fans and the fact that this was a really well-matched collaboration.

It feels pretty groovy to have drawn a small part of something that has woven into peoples’ lives and memories, and it feels even groovier to revisit it ten years on. Some things have changed; the lines a bit softer, the characters a little older, and the bicycle actually bicycle shaped. But the feeling remains the same.

You can order the 10th anniversary version now from Maybeshewill’s store (

Orders will also receive a digital version of the release in WAV and MP3 format with an additional live track. There are also a pair of t-shirts and a print of the new artwork available, bundled with the double vinyl.

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