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Matt Pearce And The Mutiny

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On 2 May 2022
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Matt Pearce And The Mutiny release their self produced second studio album The Soul Food Store. These eleven songs feature a variety of moods to enthral with ease. It kicks off with ‘Got A Thing Going On’, the first single taken from it. It’s all rock and roll red light district raunch that hangs around the street corner for this sexy saxophone fuelled strutter.

A howling feedbacked intro to ‘All The Gods’ heralds laid back grooves that ebb and flow over inventive drum patterns as Matt adds a captivating croon and a mindblowing Billy Gibbons like tinged guitar solo.

Touches of ‘Lowrider’ in the intro for ‘Promised Land’ and doo wop handclaps cruise through this certified dance floor filler. It heavies up midway with prominent keyboards in the feisty choruses and tasty wah-wah guitar for five thrilling minutes.

A gloriously uplifting ballad comes from ‘Bring It All To Me’. Sparse keys, heartmelting vocals and wiry guitar lines are kept in check by a rumbling bass guitar groove until it ends on a sublime slide guitar outro.

‘From Here To The Moon’ sees this rocker take you to the moon and back on a stellar trip of meteor destroying sax and galaxy shifting guitar overload.

The Soul Food Store’ will fill your shopping basket full of reggae beats that lift this song from the short dated shelf to the luxury goods section.

We go back to the big guitars for ‘Don’t Take It So Hard’ as the main riff is a rocker, roller, right out of controller. Backing vocals enchant behind Matts melodic howled vocal. It takes a step back midway for a swirling keyboard piece and a noodled guitar outro.

Another dollop of fiery funk comes from ‘Never Get Away From Love’ that’s dished out with a plateful of twin lead vocals that add seasoning to prominent keyboards that wash it all down for a sumptuous musical feast.

‘A Better Way’ is a bonafide earworm tune of snazzy guitar chords, snappy snare drum and a sugar sweet lead vocal.

There’s no disguising the fact that ‘Beautiful Disguise’ is my album highlight. The silences inbetween the solace in the vocals is deafening in a way until a soothing guitar piece comes from nowhere to end this song on a whisper.

For final song ‘King Of The World’, move your furniture out of the way and crank up the stereo so you romp and stomp around the room for this snare driven party starter and finisher.

The Soul Food Store album track listing :-

Got A Thing Going On.

All The Gods.

Promised Land.

Bring It All To Me.

From Here To The Moon.

The Soul Food Store.

Don’t Take It So Hard.

Never Get Away From Love.

A Better Way.

Beautiful Disguise.

King Of The World.

Matt Pearce And The Mutiny band line up :-

Matt Pearce – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar.

Kelpie McKenzie – Bass Guitar.

Joe Lazarus – Drums.

Daliah Sherrington – Vocals.

Jon Moody – Keyboards.

Joe Mac – Keyboards.

Steve Beighton – Saxophone.

Shop until you drop at the Soul Food Store of Matt Pearce And The Mutiny and buy The Soul Food Store album while you're there!

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