Massive Wagon’s – Fire it Up CD review

The North West of England is home to many an awesome hard rock band, but Carnforth based southern rock band Massive Wagon’s are a band that are a cut above the rest, combining groovy guitar riffs that reek of the 80’s, driving rhythm sections and slick, Black Label Society esque vocals to form a monster truck of an album, capable of ploughing through your ear drums like the Sons of Anarchy on a Jack and Danny drinking spree. Fire It Up is a blast from the past, chocked full of brilliant biker rock anthems that will have your throwing the horns, banging your head and guzzling down a pint of ale. Prepare to be blown away by one of the UK’s finest up and coming hard rock bands!

Fire it Up is an album built around classic 80’s rock and metal styled riffs that have a modern 21st century twist. If you can imagine what AC/DC and Black label Society would sound like if they where rocking out to ‘Born to be Wild’ by Steppenwolf with Black Stone Cherry, then you would be quite close. The guitar parts are groovy, slick, powerful – not to mention heavy in tracks such as ‘Heavy Metal man’, ‘Buck’ and ‘Rock N’ Roll Thunder’. It’s a high octane, adrenaline junkie, roller coaster of a ride that will have you doing the air guitar throughout every one of these awesome songs.

Massive Wagon’s are a band who know how to write a catchy chorus and it is clearly evident in tracks such as ‘Ride On’, ‘Area 51’ and ‘Blackbird’ that these songs especially where written with a live crowd in mind. The choruses are huge, the riffs massive and every part gels so well. They are a band, that musicians should take heed of. They know how to hook the listener from the word go, making each moment unique, diverse and freaking epic.

It’s hard to believe that Fire it Up is only Massive Wagon’s debut album. The production is superb, sound quality crisp and the songs are chunkier than a kit-kat chunky being eaten by the world’s fattest man. You would think that this album would be maybe their third, maybe forth full length album, but no; it seems Massive Wagon’s have hit the ground running with their debut and if Massive Wagon’s have songs such as ‘Fight the System’ and ‘Hurricane Suzy’ on their next album, then we can be expecting big things from these North West hard rock heroes.

Can you ask for anymore? Five extremely talented guys, playing classic, full force rock music. I think not. If you don’t like Massive Wagon’s then get the hell of this planet – as it is clear they are one of the best rock bands to surface from the UK of the past five years! [8/10]

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