Kissin’ Dynamite – Money, Sex and Power CD review

German sleaze rockers Kissin’ Dynamite released their last record, Addicted to Metal, in 2010 via AFM records and to say it bluntly……. It was a bit of a disappointment. So many different sub-genres of rock and metal mixed together on one album really does not work. But with their new album entitled Money, Sex and Power – Kissin’ Dynamite have pushed the boat out, jamming this killer album full of attitude laden, balls out; hard rock anthems. Money, Sex and Power is an all killer, no filler album; made up of ten catchy, melodic rock songs that will have you singing along to them the moment they kick in. If you want an album that really defines the classic saying: Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, then Money Sex and Power by the mighty Kissin’ Dynamite is an album you vitally need in your collection.

The album gets off to a flying start with three of the finest singles of 2012 so far. ‘Money, Sex and Power’, ‘I Will Be King’ and ‘Operation Supernova’ are all amazing songs made up of slick guitar riffs, groovy rhythm sections and killer vocal lines that really make these tracks shine above the rest. They are the kind of songs that as soon as they smash through the speakers at a club, on the radio or at a Kissin’ Dynamite gig, you will automatically recognise, bang your head to and sing along drunkenly to.

Kissin’ Dynamite have definitely found their niche on Money, Sex and Power, and it is clear that their forte is playing sleaze/bluesy rock. They are a cut above most sleaze revivalist bands out there, putting a fresh set of paint to this much loved genre, bringing it back with full force while adding a modern twist to it. Tracks like: ‘Club 27’, ‘She’s a Killer’ and ‘Sleaze Deluxe’ all have the wow factor, keeping the listener hooked throughout the song, and leaving them with both gobsmacked and mind blown by the time it finishes.

Puffy haired lead singer, Hannes Braun, has a superb voice, putting his magic onto every track, giving it that punchy, punk like edge which makes Money, Sex and Power so mind blowing. Whether it be the high or the low, the rough or the smooth, Hannes balances all the different vocal techniques to make this album such a diverse record. Without his rather powerful and distinct voice, Money, Sex and Power would not be as brilliant as it is and Kissin’ Dynamite would be without a crucial asset to their sound.

Money, Sex and Power will no doubt be many a person’s highlight in 2012, and if Kissin’ Dynamite carry on releasing albums like this, it is clear that these German based rockers will be making their way into the big league very, very soon! [8/10]

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