Marc Urselli offers free mixing for bands as part of giveaway


Renowned producer Marc Urselli (U2, Foo Fighters, Nick Cave, John Zorn, Mike Patton) is mixing three bands for FREE as a part of a giveaway he is hosting to support independent artists during the coronavirus crisis. All bands need to do to sign up is go HERE and enter their bands name. Bands can direct fans to this same page which acts as a poll. The three highest vote getters will each get a song mixed for free by the legendary producer.


Sign up here:


Marc says:

“Thousands of artists have seen their livelihood severely impacted by Coronavirus-related cancellations, myself included, and it’s of paramount importance that we stand united and support ourselves through these hard times. The governments won’t be helping us artists and freelancers so we have to help ourselves. Like so many other people I have lost so much work in this crisis. It’s impossible for me to help every affected party, but the byproduct of these cancellations and this quarantine is that for once I have the luxury of extra time, and so I’ve decided to devote some of my newly found time to help some artists in the way I know best: mixing! It’s my way of giving back to the community that has given me so much and to help out during these hard times!”


This is a truly cool offer from one of the best producers in the game! It’s a chance for bands to get a truly different take on their mix and set their music apart. Few producers have the same pedigree Marc has and his fresh mixes often bring in exciting new elements into the sound. If nothing else – it’s a good credit to have on a record!


The poll element ensures that the band who hustles the hardest are the ones who get the chance to have their music worked on by Urselli – a democratic process that should see bands hustling to get their fans to vote ensuring them a once in a lifetime opportunity! Some good will have to come out of this coronavirus crisis after all!


To sign up and get your fans to vote just go here:


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