Manowar,Leeds Carling Academy,4/11/2011

“The sound of metal so loud it cracks the beams”.A line taken from Manowar’s song Gloves Of Metal and judging by volume levels reached at Leeds Carling Academy last Friday night,i would not be surprised if this were true.Their new p.a system certainly delivered but it had a few glitches on the night and i have heard that Leeds was not the only gig it happened which is strange as Manowar pride themselves on being the loudest band in the world and have broken the Guinness Book Of World Records twice in doing so.
The last time Manowar played Leeds was in 1984 so expectations were running high.I saw them 3 times in 1984 and Manowar still play with the same intensity now as they did then.In fact,i think they are playing better,Eric Adams still hitting the high notes almost 30yrs later.As ever,they opened the show with their signature song Manowar,telling the tale of their formation in 1980.Bass player Joey De Maio was bass tech for Geezer Butler on Black Sabbath’s Heaven And Hell tour.Support band was Shakin Street whose guitarist Ross The Boss got talking to Joey about creating the heaviest band ever and the seeds of Manowar were sown.They recruited Eric Adams on vocals and Carl Canedy on drums who now still plays for The Rods.When Carl left Manowar he was replaced by Donnie Hamzik who has returned since his departure in 1982,he was replaced in 1982 by Scott Columbus who sadly passed away in April this year.
Donnie played on the debut Manowar album Battle Hymns and they start each show now by playing the whole album apart from Joey’s bass solo William’s Tale and its a fan’s dream to hear these songs blasted out once again.The sheer magnitude of songs like Manowar,Battle Hymns and Dark Avenger are impossible to put into words.After the album was played they followed with Sun Of Death,Brothers Of Metal Part 1 and then there was an interval followed by a 2nd set which ended with a thoroughly over the top rendition of Black Wind,Fire And Steel with superhuman vocals from Eric and pummeling bass work from Joey,the song ending by him pulling his strings out one by one and giving them to lucky fans in the front few rows.
Manowar are:-
Eric Adams-Vocals.
Joey De Maio-Bass.
Karl Logan-Guitar.
Donnie Hamzik-Drums.













Death Tone.

Metal Daze.

Fast Taker.

Shell Shock.

Dark Avenger.

Battle Hymn.

Sun Of Death.

Brothers Of Metal Part 1.

Hail To England.

House Of Death.

Call To Arms.

Thunder In The Sky.

Hail And Kill.

Warriors Of  The World United.

Kings Of Metal.

Black Wind,Fire And Steel.

Army Of  The Dead Part 2.                                                                                                                                                                                              












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