Mammoth Mammoth – Vol IV Hammered Again

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Mammoth Mammoth

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On 26 March 2015
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Hammered Again is a superbly well rounded stoner rock album that is sure to please those eagerly awaiting its release.

Mammoth Mammoth Volume IV Hammered Again
Mammoth Mammoth Volume IV Hammered Again

It was back at the tail end of 2012 that I was introduced to “a whole lot of rock and roll mixed with dirty riffs and skanky licks” when I reviewed Mammoth Mammoth’s previous album… and I enjoyed it a lot.

Fast forward a little over two years, and it’s great returning to this rabble rousing bunch of Australian degenerates (and I use this term endearingly too). Volume IV, Hammered Again is more of this dirty stoner rock that, if you loved before, you will love once again.

I’m actually finding myself enjoying this album far more than Vol III, it feels punchier, carries more drive, and maybe a touch more aggression too. Punkish opener Life’s a Bitch instantly takes you back to Hell’s Likely and is reminiscent of a bunch of Aussies having a couple of tinnies around the barbie and a big ripper of a sing-song. I hope the guys don’t mind me painting a stereotypically Australian image here, but that’s what’s in my mind! At least until they follow this up with a great change of tact, ripping into the more straight ahead rocker, Lookin’ Down the Barrel. It’s great stuff; toe-tapping, fist-pumping rock that makes you want to nod the head and shout the odd “hell yeah” or two!

Electric Sunshine and Fuel Injected take us back into the realms of throbbing stoner rock, before they launch into an absolute beast of a rocker in Black Dog. Favourite track on the album for me, probably because it appeals to my love for speed in rock. It’s windows down, foot to the floor, on the highway rock. Brilliant stuff. Promised Land slams those brakes into a ton of dirty sludge to marvellously contrasting effect before I find myself being taken back to my earlier years and playing Tony Hawk’s on the Playstation. Reign Supreme, at just under three minutes, has me atop a skateboard trying to rack up scores with my mates back in the day.

The album closes out in fine fashion with both Sick (of being sick) and title track Hammered Again pulling on the themes introduced earlier in the album and are both rousing rockers before it ends on a major stoner comedown appropriately titled High as a Kite.

A superbly well rounded album that builds well on Hell’s Likely and is sure to please those eagerly awaiting its release.

Hammered Again is released March 30 through Napalm Records

Track Listing:
1. Life’s A Bitch
2. Lookin’ Down The Barrel
3. Electric Sunshine
4. Fuel Injected
5. Black Dog
6. Promised Land
7. Reign Supreme
8. Sick (Of Being Sick)
9. Hammered Again
10. High As A Kite

Mammoth Mammoth are:
Ben Couzens – Guitars
Mikey Tucker – Vocals
Frank Trobbiani – Drums
Pete Bell – Bass


Hammered Again is a superbly well rounded stoner rock album that is sure to please those eagerly awaiting its release.

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