Mammoth Mammoth – Vol.III Hell’s Likely

Mammoth Mammoth Hells LikelyYou take one look at Melbourne Rockers Mammoth Mammoth and you think stoner rock, chilled 70s influence psychedelia. Then you listen to them and it’s a very, very different picture indeed. They channel aggressive pumping riffs and attitude together into a hard-ass rock monster, especially with latest release and album number three, Hell’s Likely.

Kicking off with a title track that’s like a head on collision between Motorhead and the Sex Pistols, Mikey Tucker snarls his way through Hell’s Likely in a manner that Johnny Rotten would be proud of. You think they’re heading from this straight into a few stoner tracks, as both GO and Bare Bones chuck out growlingly deep riffs to start before kicking into punk-rock fuelled overdrive. It’s feisty, blood pumping stuff that sticks in the mind with its simplicity.

(Up All Night) Demons to Fight really DOES kick into the stoner groove though and has a great chunky, dirty, rock and roll feel running right the way through it. It’s marlboro and bourbon chucked into the mixer with a heady dose of attitude and Mammoth Mammoth just run with it. Sitting Pretty, by way of contrast, chucks in an AC/DC styled old school, foot stomping, rock classic that has fan favourite written all over it.

I Want It Too draws us back into Motorhead styled territory with its pace and aggression, coupled once again perfectly with Tucker’s made for rock voice. In fact, the more this track goes on the more I even feel it’s like early Motley Crue. It has that dirty, skanky rock feel to it that oozes attitude.

Final track Bury Me, well, I say final track when there’s still five bonus tracks to come, is like Monster Magnet at the height of their powers. It truly hits slow groove stoner territory and beats you up as it drags you along for the ride on the back of its Harley.

As I mentioned above, you may think the album is over but Mammoth Mammoth live indeed up to their name and shower you with not one, not two, but five additional tracks for your listening pleasure. Granted, they do have more of a demo feel to them, but it’s more sauce for the goose. What you get is the spikey and sludge-like Another Drink that growls at you from the bar shouting exactly that, a punkish drive through with Let’s Roll and Slacker (which is also positively Motorhead influenced) while The Bad Oil finishes things off with the same rock and roll attitude the album started with.

A whole lot of rock and roll mixed with dirty riffs and skanky licks should see this album appealing to a broad spectrum of the rock and metal crowd.

Vol.III Hell’s Likely is available now through Napalm Records

Rating: 8/10

Track Listing:
Hell’s Likely
Bare Bones
(Up All Night) Demons to Fight
Sitting Pretty
I Want It Too
Bury Me
Another Drink (bonus track)
Let’s Roll (bonus track)
Weapons of Mass Self Destruction (bonus track)
Slacker (bonus track)
The Bad Oil (bonus track)

Mammoth Mammoth are:
Ben Couzens – Guitars
Mikey Tucker – Vocals
Frank Trobbiani – Drums
Pete Bell – Bass


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