Magnum – Lost on the road to eternity


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On 31 December 2017
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A superb album.

Magnum release their 20th studio album in January. There aren’t many bands that reach that figure, even after a 40 year career but Magnum are a band that are always busy writing, recording and touring.

Most singers seem to suffer from their voice deteriorating over the years, but Bob Catley’s voice sounds just as good as it did way back on those early Magnum albums. There’s no loss of quality or power in his vocals and that really helps ensure that the album lives up to its full potential.

The album is the first to feature new members Rick Benton (keyboards) and Lee Morris (drums). Lee Morris replaces Harry James which can only be good for Magnum – Harry is a superb drummer but as he was in Thunder and Snakecharmer as well as Magnum it limited his availability for touring, so replacing him means the band have much more potential opportunities for touring, and judging by this album, Lee Morris is a worthy replacement.

As always, album artwork comes from the talented Rodney Matthews, whose work has adorned the cover of most Magnum albums – it wouldn’t feel right having a Magnum album cover painted by anyone else these days.

“Lost on the road to eternity” features vocals from both Bob Catley and special guest Tobias Sammet (Edguy & Avantasia) – he’s got quite a distinctive voice and having worked together in Avantasia it seems natural for him to contribute to a Magnum album. It’s a fantastic song and the use of an orchestra adds even more richness to the sound.

This whole album really is fantastic – it’s Magnum doing what they’ve been doing for forty years, but it’s not just a case of churning out another album, it’s actually some of their best work. It’s got that distinctive Magnum sound but doesnt feel dated or as though anything could be improved, it feels fresh and up to date but without losing touch with what makes Magnum what they are.

Fans who purchase the digipack version get a bonus disc, which consists of four live songs recorded on the last tour.

A superb album.

“Lost on the road to eternity” will be released on 19th January 2018 via SPV/Steamhammer records.

Track listing:

1. Peaches and cream
2. Show me your hands
3. Storm baby
4. Welcome to the cosmic cabaret
5. Lost on the road to eternity
6. Without love
7. Tell me what you’ve got to say
8. Ya wanna be someone
9. Forbidden masquerade
10. Glory to ashes
11. King of the world

Bonus disc – 2017 live versions

1. Sacred blood divine lies
2. Crazy old mothers
3. Your dreams won’t die
4. Twelve men wise and just

A superb album.

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