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On 3 February 2024
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'Here Comes The Rain' album is a testimony to the songwriting genius of Tony Clarkin. R.I.P

I had planned on reviewing the ‘Here Comes The Rain’ album before Christmas but unfortunately the Planetmosh website went down, returning at the end of January, so in a way it’s given me a chance to take in the loss of Tony Clarkin, guitarist, songwriter and producer of Magnum for more than fifty years, sadly passing away on January 7th, 2024.

Formed in Birmingham in 1972 by Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley, their debut album ‘Kingdom Of Madness’ was released by Jet Records at the end of 1978.

My first recollection of the band was hearing a live version of ‘Kingdom Of Madness’ on the Tommy Vance Radio 1 Friday Rock Show, way before the internet came to be, and I was hooked!

‘Here Comes The Rain’ is a fitting swansong to the great man, point proven by the strength of the album.

Opening track ‘Run Into The Shadows’ burst out of my speakers with a dramatic statement of intent. Lead vocalist Bob Catley puts his inimitable stamp on this riff heavy rocker that goes down the gears towards shout em out loud and proud choruses.

The album title track is an epic to end all epics, as pedestrian grooves provide a palette for a soaring vocal to head skywards for an enigmatic delivery par excellence!

Some Kind Of Treachery’ has a lilting piano intro that locks in behind another vocal masterclass throughout this poignant power ballad.

After The Silence’ is heraldic pomp rock that does what it says on the tin for four adrenaline rushed minutes of a compelling vocal, adjoined with joyous choruses and inventive drum patterns.

Blue Tango’ has a quirky intro, soon blasted away for this full on headbanger to blow away the cobwebs, pausing for breath in the sublime choruses, then muscling up for a full on outro.

‘The Day He Lied’ is a short but powerful slice of majesty, courtesy of lush soundscapes and I’ll admit to shedding a tear or two from a breathtaking vocal.

The brass section driven ‘The Seventh Darkness’ is a heavy pounder that hits hard and heavy for this raucous rocker to drive along meaty riffs and razor sharp guitar solos.

‘Broken City’ is a gritty ballad with the most captivating vocal on the album, poured out over lilting keyboard swathes.

Emotions run high through ‘I Wanna Live’ as bubbling bass guitar lines vie for attention with the prominent keyboards and a lengthy solo to keep the air guitarists happy!

‘Borderline’ closes the album on a thrilling epic of stomping grooves that could shift the Earth’s tectonic plates with ease, ending on a keyboard flourish.

The album is released by Steamhammer/SPV on CD+DVD, a double vinyl LP, as a box set and digital download. Album artwork once more comes from Rodney Matthews.

Magnum band info is here, including a purchase link to the album :-

Album personnel :-

Tony Clarkin – Guitar.

Bob Catley – Lead Vocals.

Rick Benton – Keyboards.

Dennis Ward – Bass Guitar.

Album track listing :-

Run Into The Shadows.

Here Comes The Rain.

Some Kind Of Treachery.

After The Silence.

Blue Tango.

The Day He Lied.

The Seventh Darkness.

Broken City.

I Wanna Live.


'Here Comes The Rain' album is a testimony to the songwriting genius of Tony Clarkin. R.I.P

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