Lord Zion, Spit Like This – Cathouse, Glasgow May 2011

We managed to catch up with the lovely Lord Zion at the Cathouse during the Tigertailz set for a quick interview about the current tour and the new album.

Spit Like ThisHi how are you tonight?

I’m great thank you.

This is your 2nd last night of this tour, hows the tour been so far?

Yeah indeed. It’s been really good fun. Last weekend in London was amazing.

That was at the Camden Underworld wasn’t it?

Yes it’s a venue we have played 9 or 10 times and that was easily the best time.

How was Glasgow tonight in comparison to the London gig?

That’s quite weird you said that as we were saying earlier on in here (the dressing room) that tonight was just as good as London.

(Laughing) You’re just saying that cos we’re here!

No it was great. I’m glad we’ve finally played in Scotland as it’s our first time.

I’m glad that you have come up to play here as I missed you at Hard Rock Hell and have been wanting to see you lot live.

We’ve come a long way to play up here. We are better now than at Hard Rock Hell. We have got a new guitarist Rob Riot. He joined last year. He suits the band much more and we sound much better now.

I had seen that you had done a few festivals.

Yeah we did Wacken last year and it was good.

I had seen the road trip special that was on Vikk’s Facebook page about all the going on’s.

We enjoyed doing it. It’s nice for people to see that we’re just a bunch of idiots basically! (laughs)  Driving around the different countries and so on. I did all the driving which was tough going.

We’re doing one for this tour as well.

Will you be touring again soon? Can we entice you back up to Scotland?

We’d love to. We have an agent now Martin Jarvis, which we never had before and he is Scottish. We meet him last year at HRH Road Trip in Ibiza. We started working with him last October.

It’s been great. The first thing we did with him was Norway and that was splendid and this tour is the 2nd thing he’s organised which has been going really well. We’re completely happy.

Any festivals/tours planned for later this year?

Unlikely this year, especially in this country. Just because the new album isn’t out as yet and it could be counter-productive. As if we did it this year we couldn’t really do it next year when the album has been released for people to buy.

It’s really difficult for us as we really want to say f*ck it and get out and play everywhere but of course we just have to reign ourselves in a little bit for the time being.

I had looked up your site for tour date but hadn’t noticed much going this summer.

Martin is planning more of this style of tour which is really good for us.

(Neil)  you said you played Norway how did you find Norway. I’ve been there on holiday and find it quaint with all the fjords and so on! Did you see any of the country?

It’s one of those things. Touring is great, as you get to go places where you might not go to otherwise but its whether or not you actually see any of it.

Apart from dressing rooms, outside of venues, tourbus etc

Yeah you could be anywhere.  But the promoter in Norway was really good. He took us round on a little kind of guided tour with some fjords, mountains and that kind of Norwegian scenery. That was nice to see as the next day we were in Oslo and it’s just kinda like a city with just slightly different architecture so!

Is there any difference in say Norwegian fans to UK fans?

Well before we went we didn’t have any Norwegian fans (laughs)

That you know of!

Yeah that we’re aware of. Well they certainly weren’t there but our job is to go out there and convert people.

You have a few new Glasgow fans tonight. The response from the people in the crowd after your set was very positive.

Great. I know what we’re good at and we are a really, really, really damn good live band.

And very fun to watch

Yeah we take what we do really seriously however we don’t take ourselves very seriously. We just want to have as much fun as possible and also everyone out front to have as much fun as possible.

The new album roughly when can we expect it?

We can’t give a precise date for the release of the album however around Autumn it should be out for people to buy.

As there are things happening behind the scenes that we can’t discuss as yet until anything is definite. Even though I’ve been working on the artwork for over a year. There is still artwork, promoting and so on to be sorted out and finalised.

It will be called Normalityville Horror. If you head over to http://normalityvillehorror.com which was launched about a year ago it contains blogs from the studio, making of the album.

What next for you lot? Are you having a few days break after the tour?

No, when we get back we’ll have to catch up with all the orders from www.smellyourmum.com and everything else. So no real time off for us at the moment.

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