Lodestar: release new video – ‘Flame’ from their forthcoming album

Experimental rock band Lodestar proudly release their brand new single FlameThe elegant, dark and intoxicating Flame is taken from their forthcoming album, Zonen, released on 17th May.

Flame is like a plot for a film that never existed. It feels like a murder or an accident has been badly covered up and the killer is about to be discovered. Flame reminds me of a James Ellroy quote… “The great theme of film noir is, ‘You’re fucked’.” – Lodestar

Immerse yourself in the sublime animated video by visual artist Deborah Sheedy for  Flame here: 

“The visual concept came from pondering the song’s title, “Flame,” and the elemental composition of fire itself. Contemplating the intricate life that could exist within its fiery embrace. Flames, comprised predominantly of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen, and nitrogen, served as the catalyst for my inspiration.“ – Deborah Sheedy 

While Lodestar’s self-titled album, released in 1996, was edgy and frantic, their second album,  Zonen, is much heavier, more serious and self-assured, and finds the band at their full creative tilt.

“We have evolved individually in different projects and that has fed into this new album. There has been switching of instruments and a lot of new techniques applied in service of the songs. We naturally went for leaner, more memorable songs while maintaining and increasing the weight and power. Lyrically it’s strange, coming back to it almost thirty years later. Though so much has evolved, there’s still a fascination with some of the same themes.”

Zonen features 11 songs including the singles; Surrender To The Tide (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eby3Dwfrlg0) and Flame.  Zonen is an unequivocal triumph and well worth the wait.

Lodestar was originally formed in 1996 by three members of the legendary British rap-rock band Senser (Heitham Al-Sayed, Alan ‘Lord Hagos’ Haggarty and John Morgan) to fulfil their hunger for a heavier musical palette.

After releasing two killer singles, an eponymous album hailed by the NME as ‘a modern metal masterpiece’ and touring with the likes of Tool, the band ceased operating in 1997.

2024 sees Lodestar resurrected and joined by Charlie Beddoes (Rub Ultra, Trash Palace, Nasty Little Lonely) on bass. Their new material is a beautiful, brutal and esoteric mix of doomy grooves, gutsy onslaughts and eccentric wanderings through a sweetly sinister landscape, inspired by prescient visions, occult symbolism and subtle sensuality.

To pre-order / pre-stream Zonen album go to: https://linktr.ee/lodestarband

To celebrate the release of Zonen, Lodestar play a quartet of shows, with more shows to be announced soon.  “Fans can expect very heavy and atmospheric songs, delivered with conviction.”, so miss these shows at your peril. 

Lodestar UK shows


Sat 20th London The Lexington 

Sun 21st Brighton  The Hope & Ruin 


Sat 18th Southampton Heartbreakers 
Sun 19th  Desertfest  London


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