Lo! – Look And Behold.

As usual,when reviewing an album,i listen to it before i read up on the band so i dont know what to expect.Look And Behold,the debut album from Sydney,Australia based band Lo! begins with the instrumental Hath.It sounds like an intro for a death metal band but surprisingly segues into Deluge(Carrnivorous Flux) which immediately brought to mind early Will Haven,lots of jarring guitar work,big grooves and pissed off vocals.When Lo! hit top gear i’m reminded of Raging Speedhorn as well.There is some respite from the mayhem with piano led/feedback fused instrumental Doth,fantastic.Standout track for me is the crushing 8 minute epic Hued Tarantula.
Look And Behold is released via Pelagic records on October 14th,track listing as follows:-
Deluge(Carnivorous Flux).
Hued Tarantula.
Axe Commodore.
Indigo Division.
Moira Kindle.
Fire At The Child Actors Guild.
Lo! line up:-
Carl Whitbread.
Adrian Griffin.
Jamie-Leigh Smith.
Adrian Shapiro.

I rate this album 8 out of 10.

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