Lets Play God – Never Died, Never Aged, Never Destroyed.

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Lets Play God

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On 27 May 2014
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7 tracks of raw, in your face metal guaranteed to have you head banging!

lets play god neverThe ‘Survival Of The Twisted’ debut E.P last year showed plenty of promise for Glasgow based metallers Lets Play God but their latest release ‘Never Died, Never Aged, Never Destroyed’ raises the bar to a higher level with 7 new songs that go straight for the jugular. There is maturity in the new numbers but the venom is just as potent! Kicking off with a brief industrial bruiser called ‘Here Comes The Pain’ which sets the scene for ‘You Ain’t Got The Guts (I Ain’t Got The Time) as it’s surging guitar riffs battle with the relentless drumming from John Coll driving the song along like ‘Overkill’. It is a strong opener bolstered by the manic vocals of Rob Grinch. There is no time for breath as the groove of ‘Right Where I Belong’ hits hard in the vein of ‘Harvester Of Sorrow. The vocals are a touch more melodic but still vociferous enough to take paint off walls!

‘Body Count’ is a mid paced thrasher built on a raw, chugging riff with sparse drums giving room for the spat out vocals to shine. ‘To This Day’ is a bit of a let down for me compared to the other 6 songs. It is another drum driven hard rocker with some classic Judas Priest riffs to be found with a tasty guitar solo to close the song but the vocals just did not grab my attention even after many playbacks. ‘One With The Flies’ ups the intensity ante with some thick doom laden riffs and the angriest vocal on the album. Closing track ‘Electric Scarecrow’ finishes the album on a very high note as the rolling Black Sabbath type riffs are backed by some furious double bass drumming making it the heaviest track by far.

‘Never Died, Never Aged, Never Destroyed’ will have an album launch on May 30th at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow, available for £5 on the night and has been completely pledge funded by their fans. The gig features another 4 bands to raise funds for the Headbanger’s Balls teenage cancer trust, an extremely worthwhile cause.


Lets Play God band line up :-

Rob Grinch – Vocals.

John Coll – Drums.

John Urqhuart – Guitar.

Alex Mc – Bass guitar.


Album track listing :-

Here Comes The Pain.

You Ain’t Got The Guts (I Ain’t Got The Time).

Right Where I Belong.

Body Count.

To This Day.

One With The Flies.

Electric Scarecrow.



7 tracks of raw, in your face metal guaranteed to have you head banging!

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