Mair interview with Del – August 2014

I check in with Del Wilson, vocalist from Mair about what they have been up to since I last spoke to them and about their next gig at Ivory Blacks on the 13th September.

Mair logoWe last spoke to you at Bloodstock last year. Looking back how was the full Metal to the Masses competition for you lot?

It’s funny because we didn’t think about it as competition. We were asked if we wanted to play a gig and said aye. In fact it was a close thing because we had already played a good few shows in Glasgow and were looking to branch out, but because we never really thought we had a chance of winning we just done the usual and played like we do. The night of the final we were watching the other bands and thinking, ah well that’s that. When our name was called it was such a shock a few of us lost control a wee bit (del). Its only when you look back on the thing as a whole you realise what actually went on and it might also sound like some X-factor pish or like we just made it up, but things like this can still happen if you keep your head down.

Would you recommend M2TM and any hints/tips for bands looking to enter.

Yes and google it if you don’t already know, like we should have done. End of the day all you can do is play, we did nothing different. Just be honest and let the music do the talking.

What was it like playing at Bloodstock closing the New Blood Stage on the Friday night?

Mental, just mental. You could probably tell us we didn’t play and we would believe you. It is over in a flash, trying to calm yourself down enough to play gets quite hard when you are in the middle of what is an amazing way to spend a weekend

mair Ear Ape AgeThere has been a few changes within the band since then, can you tell us more about these changes.

Yeah there has been a few tiny changes. Den found out we were hiding the KFC one night and decided to leave, so we found Fraser. Then one day at the beach he just ran away, so we have a new drummer.

Davy has relocated to Sweden, how will this affect the band?

In some ways none at all, but obviously we have had to look at things and make some big choices. There would be no MAIR if it wasn’t for Davy so replacing him was never an option. We have decided to work around it and do what we can when we can.

How is the next album/new material coming along? What can you tell us about it.

We have a new ep that should be ready to put out in Sept. We had some songs to record and decided to add an old one that got left out when we went to do Ear Ape Age, we just wanted to get everything down while we had the chance. It doesn’t have a name or anything yet, but all the bits are there.

Instead of playing often locally, you guys are hosting gigs a few times a year. When is the next one and who is on the bill.

Mair Sept 2014 gigSeptember 13th Ivory Blacks.  We have Lets Play God, Seed Of Sorrow and Bisongrass joining us this time around so its should be quite a night.

Event Page –

The last event you held it was well attended and was a superb night. Why do you think these limited gigs work better and have better attendance than say some bands that frequently play live locally.

Don’t know if it works better, we played Glasgow every few weeks when we first started and if we hadn’t then mabey no one would have shown up. But every band on the bill for that night were chosen because they are brilliant, we put on a night that we would want to see and luckily a few others thought the same.

Have you got any over gigs in the pipeline or planned for the rest of this year or next year

To be confirmed…..

Is there any partictular venues, festivals or countries that you really want to play in!

America, any festival any where.

Also what band(s) or artists would you most like to tour with.


Two of you attended this year’s Les-Fest as punters. How was the festival for you.

Yeah it was great, we could only hang about till Saturday afternoon but what we seen was brilliant. The new site was cracking, the tent had good sound and everyone was smiling. If people are having fun your doing it right.

Del and Andy from Mair at Les-Fest 3.
Del and Andy from Mair at Les-Fest 3.

For people that haven’t been before how would you persuade them to come along ;)

Put simply there is only one of its kind in Scotland, look what happened to the puffins.

How do you think the Glasgow/Scottish music scene changed over the last few year.

Yeah its not such about music and more about the scene.

What has been the bands biggest achievement so far.

This interview.

Any message you wish to pass on to the PM readers.

Yeah but Mr Thomas says if he catches me again im getting the belt. ;)


FB Event Page for 13th Sept gig –


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