LED ASTRAY – Decades Of Adddiction

The German six piece show how to combine classic Death Metal with cutting edge riffs.LedAstray_Cover_1500


From the land formerly known as East Germany and now known as….Eastern Germany come Led Astray with their second full length release and their first since signing with Massacre Records. ’Decades Of Addiction’ will quite simply destroy all who listen to it, a veritable bone crunching, limb mangling audio orgy of the finest Death Metal you will hear anywhere.

Death Metal doesn’t really come close to describe Led Astray’s sound though, this is bang up to date modern Metal, displaying a wealth of innovative and compelling musical twists and turns that really leaves a mark. Listening to tracks such as ’Rise Of An Angel’ for example, gives you an insight into what the band are about, an unrelenting auditory assault played with an uncompromising passion that is a rare treat in today’s market.
Felix Enderlein and Martin Boxhammer’s vocal delivery is nothing short of sensational, such power and dark Demonic malevolence is hard to resist, setting the stage for a pure master class of how to produce a sound that whilst is as extreme as it gets, still includes that all important element called melody, therefore ensuring a potential wider range of listener. Songs like ‘Black Blood’ and ’Story Of A Modern Gladiator’ are an absolute cauldron of genres and influences, full of classic Death grooves, blast beats and full on aggression that is a joy to listen to. The whole album in fact is superbly balanced and effective, delivering a high calibre, turbo charged 40 minutes of Metal heaven.
This album will sit very well with fans of extreme Death and Grindcore alike but hopefully will have enough clout to appeal to a wider section of the Metal world, I genuinely hope so as it is a real gem.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Intro.
2. Darkest Season.
3. Demon.
4. Wounds.
5. Rise Of An Angel.
6. Reaper Of Fate.
7. Traitors Of Humanity.
8. Black Blood.
9. Story Of A Modern Gladiator.
10. Ausverkauf.
11. Decayed Privacy.

Led Astray are;LA_Band

Gabrieg Kriedel – Guitars.
Manuel Lehmann – Guitars.
Martin Boxhammer – Vocals.
Maximilian Panzer – Drums.
Felix Enderlein – Vocals.
Nico Jacob – Bass.

Out now via Massacre Records.



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv2EmeHje5c&w=420&h=315]

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