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Their finest work to date, simply faultless

lacuna coil
lacuna coil



It is a really sobering thought, when you realise that Lacuna Coil have been treading the boards and recording for twenty years this year, albeit a mere sixteen years only, as the band we see today. The group has grown into one of the most polished outfits on the circuit, whilst remaining true to their unique sound and identity, gathering a loyal fan base along the way (Coilers), who have followed the band through fashion and trend changes in the musical world over all the years.

When listening to this latest release, the first thought that popped into my head, was how ’grown up’ it sounds. Almost as if everything that has gone before has been leading to this moment, this body of work. The overall sound is a lot ’earthier’ than previous album “Dark Adrenaline” , a more organic and free flowing affair, whilst maintaining, and indeed, improving, on the dark, Gothic tinged elements that have served the band so well over the years.

Opening track, “Nothing Stands In Our Way”, could not be more apt really, an instantly recognisable Lacuna Coil track for sure but much punchier, “Zombies” follows quickly behind, showing Andrea’s vocals to the maximum, a vocalist who I have always thought of as highly under rated, really shines on this track and indeed the whole album, the balance between the male and female vocal has never sounded so finely tuned as on this record.

“Broken Crown Halo” was recorded in Milan, not the initial choice but circumstances dictated, and in a way, that helps immensely. The band have obviously fed off of their surroundings, absorbing the vintage and displaying the new, “Victims” demonstrates this marriage very well, an almost retro vibe, intertwined with a contemporary and forward thinking delivery that is totally captivating.

I tried to imagine which of these tracks would make it into the Lacuna Coil set list for the forthcoming tour, and found it really hard to narrow things down, as each, in their own way, have that live feel about them. The stand out ‘jump along’ track for me though was “I Forgive (But I Wont Forget Your Name)”, one that I will be very surprised not to see performed live.

Quieter, more atmospheric elements are evident as well, “I Burn In You” is just superb, packed with emotion and bubbling over with anger and power. However, if I can recommend one track, and one track alone then it would be album closer “One Cold Day”, six minutes of orchestral backed brilliance, fronted by Cristina’s vocal that just melts your heart, epic does not even come close, almost film score esque in places, it really does stand out.

This release is, without doubt, the bands finest yet, sadly it marks the final appearance of both Cristiano Mozzati (Drums) and Cristiano Migliore (Guitar), guys that have been in the band from the early years, and no doubt will both be missed. However, Lacuna Coil, I’m sure, will continue to evolve and progress, as on the evidence of this release, there is plenty left in the tank yet.

Track Listing;

1. Nothing Stands In Our Way
2. Zombies
3. Hostage To The Light

Live at MFVF October '13
Live at MFVF October ’13

4. Victims
5. Die & Rise
6. I Forgive (But I Wont Forget Your Name
7. Cybersleep
8. Infection
9. I Burn In You
10. In The End I Feel Alive
11. One Cold Day

Lacuna Coil (Recording Line Up)

Cristina Scabbia – Vocals
Andrea Ferro – Vocals
Marco Biazzi – Guitar
Cristiano Migliore – Guitar
Marco Coti-Zelati – Bass
Cristiano Mozzati – Drums

“Broken Crown Halo” is released on the 31st of March through Century Media

Their finest work to date, simply faultless

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