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On 21 March 2014
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Gothic Doom from Finland

kulloFinland has long been the purveyors of fine Doom including Reverend Bizarre, Unholy, Skepticism and Swallow the Sun, which leads into Kuolemanlaakso whom feature a member of Swallow the Sun. This is the second full length release and sits somewhere in the land of doom with a gothic tinge. The opening track ‘Aarnivalkea’ is very reminiscent of the Judas Christ period of Tiamat with a dreamy ethereal vocal before descending into a heavier area more akin to My Dying Bride around the time of ‘A Light at the End of the World’. The album has an endless supply of doom/death riffs and atmospheric noodlings which are at times captivating and at others overly familiar. The departure on the album is ‘Glastonburyn lehto’ which has a smoky jazz club feel to it which in a peculiar way screams Type O Negative, not something they ever did but you could imagine them doing it. The Keyboards are strong undercurrent throughout although during ‘Tuonen tähtivyö’ they come through in a lead role.

There is nothing groundbreaking here but what you do have is a solid heavy record which will satisfy fans of My Dying Bride and that style of gothic tinged doom. Production is solid, big and bold, nothing is overplayed. Enjoyable record, however it is not the usual level of jowl rattling primitive doom that Finland is renowned for.


01. Aarnivalkea

02. Verihaaksi

03. Me Vaellamme Yössä

04. Arpeni

05. Musta

06. Glastonburyn Lehto

07. Tuonen Tähtivyö

08. Raadot Raunioilla


Band Members

Usva – Bass

Tiera -Drums

Kouta -Guitars

Laakso -Guitars, Keyboards

Kotamäki – Vocals






Gothic Doom from Finland

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