Kreator, Arch Enemy, Shining and Marty Friedman, Glasgow QMU

On a particularly dark and extremely wet Glasgow evening the black clad masses ascended once more onto the streets of Scotland’s largest city for the one and only Kreator had arrived.

German thrash at its best. Even though this would be my fourth time seeing them live it will be the first time in my own country and not at a festival. The spacious yet intimate venue of the Queen Margaret Union is sure to house the spectacle rather well. After a good while of bumping into various people I hadn’t seen in ages the excitement in the room began to grow for the first band of the night, the Shining with legendary guest Marty Friedman.


I hadn’t listened to Shining much and was quite curious as the people I was with were very excited about seeing them and of course we were all excited about seeing Marty play. If I am honest I didn’t know what to expect but it certainly wasn’t what I saw, it was incredible. A mix of saxophones, keyboard, guitar, drums and bass in a jazz metal performance. When Marty came onto the stage something else entirely was born, his guitar work was extraordinary and fitted perfectly with the Shining’s music. Defiantly a once in a life time experience.

Feeling quite high after the performance I made my way further in for Arch Enemy. If I am honest I had no idea what to expect, I love Wages of Sin but I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan although I always loved Angela’s vocals. I am quite anxious to see what their new vocalist Alissa was like. I wasn’t blown away by her performance but didn’t realise how much her vocals were lacking until they played Ravenous. I understand her vocals will not be the same as Angela’s and I was quite interested to hear them done by a different vocalist but for me the power behind the voice was lacking, there was no conviction in what she was doing and it all fell a bit flat for me. It was nice however to hear a few of the classics such as Dead as See No Future and We Will Rise.

But the real reason of me being there that night was for Kreator. A band I have seen 16139564755_6eb67fa9c1_onumerous times and every time blow me away. One of the first thrash bands I connected with and that has never faltered. In this intimate setting I cannot wait to jump in the pit and thrash my balls off. Already myself and my companions begin to ramble about our predicted set lists. Then they appear, to a crowd screaming with anticipation and adrenaline. The first riff of Violet Revolution and chaos ensues. The atmosphere in that room was incredible, the appreciation for this band was undisputed and the band lapped it up to give an amazingly powerful experience. Phobia, Suicide Terrorist, Enemy of God, Flag of Hate, Impossible Brutality and Pleasure to Kill, elevated my night to new heights but no one could have predicted their final parting gift, a cover of The Number of the Beast. The audience chanted along with Mille and when the track kicked in screamed along with him with head banging, pit shoving and renditions of the air guitar, everyone with a huge grin on their faces. What a way to end a show.

It was not my first and hopefully not my last time witnessing this German force of thrash but it will certainly be one to remember.

Kreator Setlist

  1. Violent Revolution
  2. Phobia
  3. Extreme Aggression
  4. Civilization Collapse
  5. Endless Pain
  6. Suicide Terrorist
  7. Phantom Antichrist
  8. The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden cover)
  9. Enemy of God
  10. Flag of Hate
  11. Impossible Brutality
  12. Pleasure to Kill
  13. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
  14. People of the Lie
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