Kongh – ‘Sole Creation’

Kongh - Sole Creation ArtworkThe third album from Swedish doom crew Kongh is not one which is for the faint-hearted.  For a start, its four tracks clock in at around three-quarters of an hour (give or take a few seconds here or there) long.

This is loud, dirty, brutal, bruising doom metal of the best kind, built from the droning bass grind of David Johansson (who also plays guitar, but gives it very much a secondary role, as befitting the dark intensity that music like this needs) and the excellent, stunningly complementary drum work of fellow founder member Tomas Salonen.

Johansson’s vocals are similarly brooding and intense, mixing the darkness of his growls with the lightness of his clean singing in a nigh on perfect manner.

The result is an album that ticks all the right boxes for fans of the modern doom mien.


Track list:

  1. Sole Creation
  2. Tamed Brute
  3. The Portals
  4. Skymning

‘Sole Creation’ is out now on Agonia Records.


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