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On 24 December 2016
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Kitshickers have appeared right at the cusp of the end of the year with this confident and meticulously constructed slab of post rock.

Not a new band, one with quite a history and now unleashing their 7th album. Originally formed in Luxembourg in 1997 and evolved through time from a grunge quartet to become the very different animal that is presented here on this beautiful self-released  Double White Vinyl.

The opening track “Birth. Early Years. Void” begins with a warm and brooding deep chugged riff which really is a statement of intent that sets the mood for the rest of the record. Vocalist Yann Dalschied has a nurturing self assured and comforting delivery in his low register before letting rip into the highs and ending in semi growls.  To produce this record has been a two year process to get these songs ready and recorded, every note matters, nothing is wasted. The production is exactly what this style of music needs, loud, clear and with an abyss of bottom end, not surprising considering it was mixed by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna). It is sonically one of the best records in circulation this year.

The melodies and the riffs draw you right in almost instantly. The use of instrumentation, heavy guitars against a heavy piano with a growled vocal is one of the many interesting combinations they have come up with. The instrumental “Awareness” has a dark creeping riff playing in unison with a cello creating a hypnotic feel. This leads beautifully into “Growth” which is a more upbeat track with a melody soaked verse and chorus nodding towards the hooks of the likes of Soundgarden. “Rise” and “Awareness II” is where most of the weight lies on the record, hammering riffs with melodic chorus pay offs, marvellous stuff. The balance that has been struck between heaviness, melody and accessibility is nothing short of miraculous. I can imagine this record live, the minimal lit stage a thousand heads moving in unison caught up in swathes of emotion. If the likes of Neurosis, Isis and Cult of Luna are your thing add this to the must buy list immediately, give it a listen, you will not be disappointed.



Birth. Early Years. Void
Awareness.II. Peace


Band Members

Gilles Heinisch – guitars, backing vocals, keys & samplings
Boris Schiertz – guitars & backings
Pol Lies – bass
Nelson Curado – drums
Yann Dalscheid – vocals

Kitshickers have appeared right at the cusp of the end of the year with this confident and meticulously constructed slab of post rock.

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