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Kit Trigg
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On 2 December 2023
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Kit Trigg pull the trigger to shoot straight from the hip with new EP 'Goin For Glory'.

Farnham based skate rockers, Kit Trigg have just released a very impressive four track EP, ‘Goin For Glory’, via Earache Digital Distribution. These tracks show great promise, point proven by the title track of the EP. An attention grabbing main riff drives this feelgood headbanger along, punctuated by shout em out loud and proud choruses, as nirvana is reached early by some seriously potent axe attack and a full band vocal midsection.

‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’ is a full on ear bruising bludgeon of meaty riffs, seismic bass grooves, helium fuelled vocals in the choruses, a tectonic plate shifting midsection, ending on a stoner rock like pound.

A deceivingly laid back intro of wiry guitar lines explode to make ‘Making It’ a real ear rattler. Vocals are of stadium filling prowess, unbelievingly picking up more power towards an outro of a guitar freakout par excellence!

The final track arrives too soon as ‘Grow With The Flow (Living Room Demo)’, is my personal favourite. A skin shivering vocal could melt the coldest heart as it quivers over sparse guitar lines to make for one of the most beautiful ballads I’ve heard for many years.

A digital purchase link to the Goin For Glory EP and other band info is here :- and a physical CD is available here :-

Kit Trigg band line up :-

Kit Trigg – Vocals/Guitar.

Nic Sleight – Drums/Backing Vocals.

Guy Fenegan – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Kit Trigg proclaims “Goin For Glory” was the mantra we used to help us come out of the COVID 19 lockdown. From a time of such immense negativity and isolation, came a fighting spirit that really defined the next chapter in our lives. All four songs on this EP don’t just come from the head or heart, but from deep within our souls. Rock n roll is so much more than keeping up appearances. It is about showing up time and time again, guitar in hand, song in heart and playing like your life depends on it!”.

Kit Trigg pull the trigger to shoot straight from the hip with new EP 'Goin For Glory'.

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