King Of The Dead set loose engulfing new video

Immensely enchanting alternative rock crew, KING OF THE DEAD, are set to soar to new heights with their intoxicating sophomore EP, Perdition, out Friday 2nd June. The striking unit have also just released a brand new single and video, The Sermon For The Cursed –

Massively intriguing and wholly fascinating are two resounding descriptors for KING OF THE DEAD. The enigmatic rock combo are both daring and audacious with the deliverance of their art. The band’s new EP, Perdition, is an extension of their much-acclaimed debut, The Summoning, which acquired the support of Kerrang Radio, Powerplay Magazine, Primordial Radio, and many prominent tastemakers.

As part of the group’s progression, they have chartered new ground and have crafted a record that fuses seventies’ rock radio and captivating punk rock, wrapped with engrossing organ work, and glorious refrains. Perdition has also greatly benefited from the mastership of esteemed producer Lasse Lammert. The EP (along with its accompanying comic book) has an innovative plot that traverses millennia, based around a story of love and betrayal centered around three alluring characters who are inseparably connected across time. Each song details how their destines will collapse them and reshape them in the unholy image of the cursed world they inhabit, their paths uniting in the EP’s namesake: Perdition.

EP Track listing: 1. The Sermon For The Cursed, 2. The Hunt, 3. Courage, 4. Who’s Left To Blame,  5. Crawl, 6. When It All Comes Down.

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