KILMARA Signs With Sony Music; New Single “The Break Up”


Spanish heavy metallers KILMARA signed a publishing/distribution deal with Sony Music, the new 12 track album “Love Songs And Other Nightmares“, due out April 8th worldwide via Sony Music. The new single “The Break Up” out now,  can be streamed here:


“If our preceding record was something like a tribute to bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Scorpions or Helloween themselves, in this new album our references are Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine“, explains guitarist John Portillo. “We’ve created more solid sound bases, we’ve lowered tuning, we’ve got more forceful riffs and we’ve worked hard on guitar and vocal melodies“, he adds.


The album title ‘Love Songs and Other Nightmares‘ was given by the Bavarian singer Wolf are based on personal experiences, with Love as a powerful and dangerous addiction, alcohol, drugs and gambling. “Although it’s not a concept album, Love and addiction are strongly related in every song“, explains Portillo. Songs like “The Break Up” or “Cold Rain“, the first single off the album are the evidence that KILMARA and Grapow have created a powerful and electric wrapping for a set of songs endowed with great magnetism.


The band’s third album was produced and recorded at Grapow Studios with Mr. Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween). The cover artwork for ‘Love Songs and Other Nightmares‘ and ‘The Break Up‘ was done by Canadian artist Jessica Allain, known for his work in digital photomanipulation. Photos by Gina Roma from Spain.


KILMARA are: Christian Wolfgang Kohl (vocals), Jonathan Portillo (guitar), Enrique Torres (guitar), Javier Morillo (drums), Raul Ruiz (bass guitar)


Guests on the new album are Dave Imbernon from Enuma Elish on keyboards and Kaleb from young Spanish pagan death metal band Drakum on the violin.


‘Love Songs And Other Nightmares‘ will probably be the heaviest KILMARA album up to date and finally make the breakthrough on European and International level.



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