HOUNDS: New EP ‘BEGIN TRANSMISSION PART 2’; Confirm Sonisphere and Camden Rocks


HOUNDS release their new EP ‘Begin Transmission Part 2’ and confirm both live performances at Sonisphere on July 4th and Camden Rocks on May 31st.

“Begin Transmission Part 2’ EP features 3 original HOUNDS songs and a cover of Whiteout by Killing Joke. The decision to cover this song was due to the fact that Killing Joke have been a huge influence on the dance rock/electronica scene and were responsible for laying down the foundations in sound which have influenced us along our sonic journey.”

Hounds go onto explain “The lead song on the EP is called ‘The Wicked Witch’ and anyone who thinks it is a gimmicky song about The Wizard of Oz is sorely mistaken. This song is a death threat full of venom. We don’t like to give too much away but lets just say everyone has an ex partner they wishes were dead and we are no different. Sometimes in life people may still be alive but they are dead to you, and this song is all about that feeling. The lyrics came easy, and we wanted to combine big riffs with a bass line that wouldn’t be out of place on a dance tune, so the song was born from that. It’s poisonous.”

‘In Your Eyes’ is the second song on the EP, ‘it’s all about staring into the eyes of madness.  Its always in the eyes, you can’t hide it. You can’t fake it.’

“‘Watch And Learn’ is the ‘final original beat on the record and is aimed at the people who arrive on the scene and clog up the airwaves only to be gone and on to the next scene overnight. We can’t stand fakers; you have to be real in what you do. Got no time for bullshit.”


To purchase ‘BEGIN TRANSMISSION PART 2’ EP go to



Listen to it now here: https://soundcloud.com/hounds_uk/sets/begin-transmission-part-2-e-p


Begin Transmission Part 2 track listing

01 The Wicked Witch.

02 In Your Eyes.

03 Whiteout.

04 Watch and Learn.


The EP is also available on CD with April’s Metal Hammer magazine – out now


Catch the Hounds live and prepare to be ripped to shreds

April 26th Fleece , Bristol

May 31st Camden Rocks, London

July 4th Sonisphere, Knebworth Park

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