Job For a Cowboy – Demonocracy CD review

Job For a Cowboy have only recently been accepted by the extreme metal community thanks to the killer Metal Hammer Destroyers of the Faith tour, wiping the grins off the loyalists faces as they smashed through a set of tight and lashing death metal anthems. After their last two mediocre albums it was about time that Job for a Cowboy released an album that was out the box, creative and most of all memorable. Demonocracy is such an album. With ferocious, down tuned dual guitar riffs, flourishing and distinctive vocal lines from front man Jonny Davy and some mighty fine death metal hits – Job for a Cowboy show that they are the 21st centuries equivalent of Cannibal Corpse and through nine all killer no filler tracks will show the metal community that they are a back and here to stay.

Demonocracy is jammed full of progressive, meaty, hook laden guitar lines that drive the album forward, giving the listener something to sink their teeth into and indulge their ears with. There are some brilliant riffs flaring forth from the insane guitar duo that is Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro. Tracks like ‘Nourishment through Bloodshed’, ‘Tongueless and Bound’ and ‘The Manipulation Stream’ are all moments for the demonic guitar lines to spring forth and thanks to Demonocracy’s excellent production these riffs sound huge.

Lead Vocalist Jonny Davy has one hell of a set of pipes and really is the master of guttural throat roars. He is definitely one of the best death metal vocalists to emerge over the past five years and through his rather distinctive, ferocious bellows really adds an extra dimension to Demonocracy. From ‘Imperium Wolves’ to ‘Black Discharge’ his voice really stands out from the carnage and destructive music behind him and through vocal lines that only a mother could love really makes this album all the more aggressive.

The production on Demonocracy really makes it sound massive and bold. It really makes a real difference as without this grand and epic sound, tracks such as ‘Children of Deceit’ ‘Fearmonger’ and ‘Tarnished Gluttony’ would not be as memorable and captivating as they are. Everything is done on such a larger scale and it really makes everything sound all the more brutal. This is how death metal should sound, large, powerful and potent, not be recorded in some pig slaughter factory where the only thing you can hear is the rev of a chainsaw and buzz of contraptions.

Job For a Cowboy have released what will probably be one of the best death metal albums of the year and with nine fine death metal songs under the belt will soon be breaking into the big league thanks to the release of the killer Demonocracy! [8/10]

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